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How We Talk to Each Other · Back in March, I had an intense dialogue with <a href='http://weblog.infoworld.com/udell/'>Jon Udell</a> about how journalism in general and tech journalism in particular feel increasingly broken, and whether something else comes next, and if so what. Herewith a look at the problem and where it comes from. <i>(Warning: Insanely long even by my standards. Summary: Journalism sucks. But there's hope.)</i> ...
aloihin Backhuhn ambulant chopin · This, believe it or not, was the title of a spam that made it through the Mozilla junk filter. Maybe we're converging on a new bargain with the spammers: if they provide an interesting enough title, we'll smile at their cleverness before hitting <code>Delete</code> ...
XML Tribal Bash, Get Yer Papers In · Way back before there was XML, there was SGML, and there was one big SGML conference a year, with unimaginative names: “SGML 1990”, “SGML 1991”, and so on. 1990 is when I started going. XML was announced to the world at SGML ’96, an occasion I’ll remember till I die. All this is a lead-in to a plug for today’s version of that conference, still unimaginatively named: <a href='http://www.xmlconference.org/xmlusa/'>XML 2003</a>. In particular, I’d like to encourage the kind of people who read me here to think about sending in a paper and getting on stage. Read on for details ...
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