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Pix From Mars · Slash­dot had this to­day, tremen­dous­ly im­pres­sive pic­tures of the Earth/Moon sys­tem and Jupiter, tak­en from Mars, the prop­er im­age cred­it is NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Sys­tems. A bit mind-expanding; for me, it was the Earth and Moon seen in the same frame, from a dis­tance, that for the first time made me feel like I re­al­ly knew how big the pieces of the sys­tem are. Hats off to the peo­ple and ma­chines who did this. But the pix are a bit too pret­ty. In fac­t, the photo-enhancement both­ered me, so I de­con­struct­ed them a bit ...
The RDF Conversation · The RDFnik com­mu­ni­ty is not that large, but it's dy­nam­ic. My RDF.net es­saylet from yes­ter­day pro­voked a re­al flur­ry of com­men­tary in oth­er blogs and of in­com­ing cor­re­spon­dence. Here­in I ad­dress a few of the correspondents' is­sues and go fair­ly deep on some thoughts pro­voked by Sjo­erd Viss­cher. (Warn­ing: this last bit will be of in­ter­est on­ly to the most de­ranged fringe of markup pedants.) ...
The Death of Scholarship? · Some maze of twisty lit­tle blog­pas­sages led me to this study of Stu­dent Search­ing Be­hav­ior. It's re­al­ly long and wordy, but the sound­bite is that when stu­dents are asked to look up some­thing rel­e­vant to their aca­dem­ic work, 45% of them go to Google, 10% of them go to the lo­cal li­brary cat­a­log, and the rest scat­ter among oth­er search en­gi­nes. I like Google as much as the next per­son, but I still find this re­al­ly dis­turbing, es­pe­cial­ly that 10% fig­ure ...
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