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Googleswarmed · Something happened to ongoing today that I haven't seen before. Suddenly, for a few minutes this afternoon, the Google crawlers were all over me, and I'm wondering if this happens often and what it means ...
Business Ignorance · This is the first of a two-parter on the information landscape out there in the real world, driven by some strategy thinking we've been doing about our product and how to sell it. In this part, I survey the “Business Intelligence” landscape (it's bad). In Part 2, the question is: how to get people to try new technology in tough times? (Warning: kind of corporate, but I think a lot of people are facing the same issues.) ...
Domestic Nürnberg · Lauren was away on business for two weeks and managed to get in a few days' vacation in Germany, where she used to live. She took lots of photos, including a few heroic shots of the reconstruction of Berlin. But a couple of domestic shots around Nürnberg (what we'd call Nuremberg) were the ones that I thought worth sharing ...
The RDF.net Challenge · I've owned the domain name RDF.net for years, but never done anything with it. This was kicked into the front of my consciousness today by an entertaining bolt from the blue. Herewith some general notes on RDF, its history and prospects, and a Grand Challenge to the RDF community: I'll give RDF.net to whoever builds the first application that deserves it ...
Trying Technology Painlessly · This is Part 2 of an Antarctica-biz-strategy piece I'm running here because I think these issues are pretty ubiquitous; Part 1 is about Business Intelligence, so called. This piece talks about how tough it is to sell software these days, and why, and a marketing idea we've cooked up to try to remove the risk from buying software, which I think ought to work well beyond our patch of turf. (Warning: kind of corporate, but I think a lot of people are facing the same issues.) ...
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