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Budapest and Marks · ongoing is not normally given to fits of randomness, but isn't there a quote about consistency and small minds? Woke up this morning, turned on the computer, and got an IM from Lauren who's in a meeting in Budapest. Which I'm not too jaded to find a bit exotic and thrilling. Then I ran across this and this from Mark Bernstein, which everyone who fancies themself on the creative end of whatever this is should read forthwith. And then I see that Mark Pilgrim's getting married. Mark's voice is one that stands nicely out from the crowd, so best wishes from points North! Over & out.
Yooster, v0.1 · Articles in this space have introduced Unicode, discussed how it is processed by computers, and argued that Java's primitives are less than ideal for heavy text processing. To explore this further, I've been writing a Java class called Ustr for “Unicode String,” pronounced “Yooster.” The design goals are correct Unicode semantics, support for as much of the Java String API as reasonable, and support for the familiar, efficient null-terminated byte array machinery from C ...
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