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Budapest and Marks · on­go­ing is not nor­mal­ly giv­en to fits of ran­dom­ness, but isn't there a quote about con­sis­ten­cy and small mind­s? Woke up this morn­ing, turned on the com­put­er, and got an IM from Lau­ren who's in a meet­ing in Bu­dapest. Which I'm not too jad­ed to find a bit ex­ot­ic and thrilling. Then I ran across this and this from Mark Bern­stein, which ev­ery­one who fan­cies them­self on the cre­ative end of what­ev­er this is should read forth­with. And then I see that Mark Pilgrim's get­ting mar­ried. Mark's voice is one that stands nice­ly out from the crowd, so best wish­es from points North! Over & out.
Yooster, v0.1 · Ar­ti­cles in this space have in­tro­duced Uni­code, dis­cussed how it is pro­cessed by com­put­er­s, and ar­gued that Java's prim­i­tives are less than ide­al for heavy text pro­cess­ing. To ex­plore this fur­ther, I've been writ­ing a Ja­va class called Ustr for “Unicode String,” pro­nounced “Yooster.” The de­sign goals are cor­rect Uni­code se­man­tic­s, sup­port for as much of the Ja­va String API as rea­son­able, and sup­port for the fa­mil­iar, ef­fi­cient null-terminated byte ar­ray ma­chin­ery from C ...
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