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On Reading Glasses · If you're getting into middle age and you notice that you need brighter and brighter lights to read the newspaper, and as for the tiny print on the side of medicine bottles, well forget it, you may be entering glasses territory. Herewith some practical advice on how not to waste a lot of money ...
RSS and the S-word · Over the last month or two, there have been desultory swirls of conversation on What To Do With RSS? In particular the <a href='http://www.intertwingly.net/blog/1393.html'>drumbeats</a> are <a href='http://www.intertwingly.net/blog/1394.html'>loud</a> right now chez Sam Ruby. (Snicker: here it is 9PM Pacific on Saturday and all the geeks are rockin' out by debating RSS syntax.) I'm wondering if it's time to bring in the dreaded S-word: standardization. This will require a brief survey of what standards are good for and what writing a standard is all about ...
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