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La Bohème · It was a late evening, we had a fine din­ner and then went to see La Bohème at the Van­cou­ver Oper­a. I'm not a con­nais­seur, but there are a cou­ple of im­por­tant rea­sons why you should go see opera some­time, if you don't al­ready ...
Perfect Tool: C-Clamp Mini Tripod · If you car­ry a cam­era around you should hide one of these at the bot­tom of your bag; there’s al­ways one in my brief­case. It will turn a lot of ba­sic shots from im­pos­si­ble to easy. [Up­dat­ed again: blog­ging e-commerce in ac­tion!] ...
iYear · It was about a year ago that, af­ter a decade or so of Win­dows on my client and Unix/Lin­ux on my server­s, I bought a TiBook and got in­to OS X. I am on­ly rarely tempt­ed to go back. It's worth it, I think, to look back over the past year and see what the take-aways are ...
Updated · The on­go­ing software's been up­dat­ed to adorn the front page with a pho­to for your view­ing plea­sure. Al­so, pages with pic­tures on them now use shrunk­en ver­sions that link to sep­a­rate full-sized ones, so on­go­ing should be much less ar­du­ous for those not in broad­band­land. The soft­ware changes have been done for days and days on the lap­top, where I've been watch­ing to see if any­thing breaks and it looks OK, but Mur­phy is usu­al­ly in there pitch­ing so do please let me know if any­thing looks weird or bro­ken.
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