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Drive 46 · “Forty-six days it's been raining.” said Shannon when she came to work this morning; <a href='/ongoing/When/200x/2003/04/22/Sun'>that sunny day</a> was just a teaser I guess. Let's assume that whoever wrote <a href='http://www.biblegateway.com/cgi-bin/bible?passage=GEN+8&language=english&version=NIV&showfn=on&showxref=on'>this</a> was right about that promise in the last verse. But the car is dry inside and the music is on ...
On Hats · I usually wear a hat when outdoors, as a fashion statement and on the advice of my physician, who says that bald white guys either wear hats outside or are wearing a cancer farm on top of their head. Herewith a recommendation for a good line of hats and some remarks on making them ...
Paintshop for Mac? · Since <a href='http://www.antarctica.net'>Antarctica</a> is very graphics-oriented company, I'm often doing graphical twiddling or fixup of one kind or another when the job isn't serious enough to call the real pros in. Back when I was on Windows, I mostly used <a href='http://www.jasc.com/'>Paint Shop Pro</a>, which does a whole bunch of useful things in a straightforward way at a fair price. There doesn't seem to be anything equivalent on the Mac ...
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