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The Mac Needs One More Key · As I've writ­ten be­fore, Win­dows is im­mense­ly bet­ter than OS X at key­board nav­i­ga­tion. This makes a re­al dif­fer­ence in the qual­i­ty of the ex­pe­ri­ence and es­pe­cial­ly the speed with which you can get work done. I've been think­ing about how to work around this, and the on­ly an­swer is an­oth­er key on the key­board, named Menu ...
The Joy of Refactoring · I want­ed to make some changes to the code that gen­er­ates on­go­ing (s­tand by: re­design in­com­ing), and this re­quired some fair­ly se­ri­ous refac­tor­ing. Re­fac­tor­ing is right at the cen­ter of good cod­ing prac­tice; pro­gram­mers of­ten bend over back­wards to avoid it, which is al­most al­ways wrong. This theme shows up in the best writ­ing on the subect go­ing back decades, and il­lus­trates an even more cen­tral les­son about soft­ware de­vel­op­men­t ...
Lap to Lamp · A slight re­work this evening for on­go­ing, most vis­i­ble in the side­bar ma­te­ri­al to the left and right. The pre­vi­ous cut was Lin­ux/Apache/Per­l, this one adds Mysql to the mix. But the LAMP acronym comes up short, there re­al­ly ought to be an X in there for XML, time for Udell to think up some­thing. I thought it might be in­ter­est­ing to write up some of the de­sign is­sues, but then I de­cid­ed no, that wouldn't be in­ter­est­ing at al­l, so this is just to ask for feed­back if I've bro­ken any­thing, make a cou­ple of gen­er­al ob­ser­va­tion­s, and note that I now hate SQL much less ...
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