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Old Game, Old (Online) Community · Go is a very old board game, called Wei Ch'i in Chi­ne­se, Igo in Ja­pan, and Baduk in Kore­an, and is played most heav­i­ly where those lan­guages are spo­ken. I used to dab­ble in it, and re­cent­ly in the grip of in­som­nia dis­cov­ered that one of the old­est of games is sup­port­ing one of the old­est of on­line com­mu­ni­ties (and some drop-dead-cool Mac soft­ware) ...
Infopath · c|net says that Mi­crosoft won't be in­clud­ing In­fopath (former­ly known as XDoc­s) in the ba­sic MS Of­fice bundle. This seems all wrong, I don't get it ...
Rock & Roll Radio(head) · I was driv­ing around to­day lis­ten­ing to the lo­cal modern-rock sta­tion (104.9 XFM, but their web­site won't work on Mac browser­s, bah), and I had a re­al teenage mo­men­t. The DJ had got his hands on a boot­leg of Radiohead's Hail to the Thief, to be re­leased June 9, and was play­ing the tracks as fast as he could one af­ter an­oth­er, say­ing he'd been told there was an in­com­ing cease-and-desist. Ra­dio nor­mal­ly isn't like this any more, what a pity ...
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