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Addressing For the Other Billions · Much time on the W3C TAG tele­con to­day on (I think) an im­por­tant is­sue: how to ex­tend the ma­chin­ery of the Univer­sal Repub­lic of Love, er I mean URL, er I mean URI, to the bil­lions who don't use our ninety-seven ASCII char­ac­ters to de­scribe the world. This is trick­y, not so much be­cause it's trick­y, but be­cause there's so much An­glo­cen­tric soft­ware out there that we have to cater to. (Warn­ing: severe­ly geeky.) ...
Winning Business With a Good Web Site · I just now this morn­ing had to book a short lit­tle trip with­in the Pa­cif­ic North­west. There's this re­gion­al car­ri­er called WestJet, and they got my busi­ness, among oth­er rea­sons be­cause their web­site is done right while the competition's are lame and ir­ri­tat­ing ...
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