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Herodotus · For some time now, Herodotus' His­to­ries, in the Aubrey de Sélincourt trans­la­tion, has been my bed­side book, and I just got to the end; this is my sec­ond time through the His­to­ries, and I wouldn't be sur­prised if I vis­it it again. I think there's lots in here for just about ev­ery­body, but any­one who cares about his­to­ry in the large would I think be mes­merised. I'll de­scribe the book briefly and out­line some of the rea­sons I like it so much. Al­so I'll trace a line of de­scent in­to some ex­cel­lent con­tem­po­rary fan­ta­sy writ­ing, and won­der about par­al­lels with the cur­rent Mid­dle East im­broglio ...
Why XML Doesn't Suck · Re­cent­ly in this space I com­plained that XML is too hard for pro­gram­mers. That ar­ti­cle got Slash­dot­ted and was sub­se­quent­ly read by over thir­ty thou­sand peo­ple; I got a lot of feed­back, quite a bit of it in­tel­li­gent and thought-provoking. This note will ar­gue that XML doesn't suck, and dis­cuss some of the is­sues around the dif­fi­cul­ties en­coun­tered by pro­gram­mer­s ...
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