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Hey BBC, Get a Clue! · In my opin­ion the sin­gle best on­line source for war news (in the last 24 hours any­how) is the BBC's Reporters' Log, a blog-style thingie where all the re­porters they have scat­tered around the are­na post news snip­pets right then as they hap­pen. You no­tice I haven't in­clud­ed a point­er to it be­cause these mo­rons have set it up so it gets a new URL ev­ery day! I book­marked it, and was up­set it wasn't up­dat­ing, and not­ed that the last post­ing was 2345GMT, and what do you know ...
Towerhang Raintinsel Elevatorsaint · Walk­ing from one meet­ing to an­oth­er through Yale­town, a nice part of Van­cou­ver, the city kept throw­ing these weird rain­soaked scenes at me, or maybe it's just that I'm semilu­cid in the grip of a se­vere cold and suf­fer­ing from a vi­ral­ly al­tered state of con­scious­ness ...
Traction · I spent the af­ter­noon in a meet­ing of the ad­vi­so­ry board of Make Tech­nol­o­gy, on which I serve. They do what they call “Standards Based Automation”; their prod­uct lets you write down most of your se­man­tics and da­ta mod­el in a bunch of XML Schemas and XSLT and so on, then gen­er­ate moun­tains of Ja­va code to do all the plumb­ing for what­ev­er your app serv­er is - if you've got a big Ja­va de­vel­op­ment project in the works you could do worse than call them. Any­how, we were talk­ing about how they've been do­ing in re­cent months and the CEO said “We're re­al­ly get­ting trac­tion with this stuff”. Boy, I've been hear­ing that word a lot re­cent­ly ...
TV vs. the Web · I don't have a TV (ok, we do, but it on­ly plays DVDs, it doesn't get any chan­nel­s). I miss it ev­ery Oc­to­ber dur­ing the World Series, and I miss it at times like now when hot news is break­ing. Many for­tunes have been lost bet­ting on the no­tion of "convergence" and it was al­ways sil­ly; the Web doesn't need to be more like TV and TV doesn't need to be more like the We­b ...
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