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D.I. Ratio and the Ratio Family · There has been a flurry of verbiage recently on the redesign of the Macromedia Home Page. Among other things, I observed that someone had criticized it on the grounds of having a lousy "data-ink ratio". I think the criticism is interesting, and the notion of the data-ink ratio is worth a deeper look. (Warning: lengthy and quite graphics-heavy) ...
Fundoshi · OK, I know I said I wasn't going to point at ephemera. This one courtesy of my brother. Japanese traditional underwear. That step six looks risky.
Responsive Software Development · This is a wonderful time. Safari and NetNewsWire, two pieces of software that I use all the time, are under active development. Hyatt is blogging his Safari progress in real time while Brent updates NNW progress regularly. Hyatt responds to trackbacks and Brent responds to emails. If you live in the world of Microsoft (or actually of pretty well any mainstream software development, let's not beat up on Redmond however popular that may be), this doesn't happen, won't happen, can't happen ...
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