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In the Web-Architecture Trenches · NDAs pre­vent me from talk­ing very much about my fa­vorite project at work, which is a pity be­cause it's re­al in­ter­est­ing: The world con­tains sev­er­al repos­i­to­ries of elec­tron­ic in­for­ma­tion whose size and val­ue are com­pa­ra­ble to the Web's, but which are gen­er­al­ly not use­ful­ly avail­able for search and brows­ing, but could be. We're work­ing on it. My TAG cy­cles the last cou­ple evenings have gone in­to the work-in-progress on re­draft­ing RFC 2396, which spec­i­fies what a URI (no, not URL) is ...
Daddy Moment · Be­ing a par­ent is more of­ten wear­ing than up­lift­ing, but there are mo­ments. I was get­ting ready for work with my 3½-year-old hang­ing around, I no­ticed a splotch on his face and said "hey come here and let me wipe your face off." He ran off in­to the next room and hid. He's re­al­ly bad at hid­ing, so it was sur­pris­ing when I went next door and couldn't find him ...
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