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Why Plug This Thing In? · As many oth­ers have point­ed out, wire­less Net ac­cess is pret­ty damn ad­dic­tive; one of the rea­sons is few­er dan­gling, tan­gling, trail­ing wires. So if this lap­top came with two bat­ter­ies, and an ex­ter­nal bat­tery charg­er that charged faster than the com­put­er ran the bat­ter­ies down, I could rou­tine­ly work with­out hav­ing any­thing plugged in. Al­so, the lap­top wouldn't have to in­clude the battery-charge cir­cuit, which might al­low it to be sim­pler and lighter ...
Iraq: Blame it on Lawrence's Bosses · I saw the pic­ture be­low in some on­line pub­li­ca­tion, and it struck me that quite like­ly, very few peo­ple know where Iraq came from. The pic­ture shows the del­e­ga­tion of Emir Feisal at the Ver­sailles con­fer­ence post-Great-War; the fel­low just over Feisal's left shoul­der, with two bands around his kaf­fiye­h, is T.E. Lawrence, a.k.a. Lawrence of Ara­bi­a. And there­in hangs a hell of a tale ...
Mobile Bigotry · I hopped a taxi to get out of Cal­gary to the air­port; the driv­er was a friend­ly fel­low. We talked about the (bit­ter­ly cold) weath­er, then about the per­ils of fly­ing, and he made an off­hand re­mark about ter­ror­is­m, and my spir­it sank. The front seat was an out­post of trib­al big­otry ...
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