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Howdy! · I've been fiddling with this for some weeks, decided to tell a few people. I hate it when I hear that "Person X has a Weblog" and I go there and there's just a note saying "Hi! I have a Weblog!". So there's a hundred or so bits 'n' pieces already scattered around for your viewing pleasure. Dave claims to have the oldest blog, well for a few minutes on 2003/02/27, this is the youngest! ...
Spring! · This bee was sexing it up something fierce with the crocuses, and while my current camera is not quite up to capturing something that fast with really sharp edges, between the flowers, the bee, and the sunshine, some pretty serious fun was being had here ...
The Universal Republic of Love · There's No Such Thing as a URL Strange, but true, even though we talk about them all the time, those things that begin http://... and are painted on the sides of buses and buildings everywhere. These things are designed to be used by computer programs, right? So ask your friendly local programmer to write a program to use them for something, and she'll go try to dig up the official documentation on what to do, and pretty quickly find that there isn't any for URLs; everything on the subject officially expired years ago. It turns out that all the official documentation is now about "URIs" not "URLs", so that's what you've been using in recent years, whether you know it or not ...
There's No Such Thing as a Web Site · The technology that makes the Web go doesn't have any built-in notion of a "site" or a "home page", even though that's how people think about things. This causes all sorts of practical problems; the well-known /robots.txt mechanism for crawler control is kind of a kludge, and works really badly when multiple sites are on the same server, for example members.aol.com. Another symptom is the fact that it's kind of hard to find the RSS feed for a web site. Well, we may be starting to address this issue over in the TAG ...
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