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dot-Emacs · A lot of re­al­ly heavy geeks spend most of their day in­ter­act­ing with a sin­gle com­put­er pro­gram named Emac­s; it has a rich his­to­ry go­ing back to the sev­en­ties, al­though the cur­rent in­car­na­tion (writ­ten in large part by the well-known pro­gram­mer/ac­tivist Richard Stall­man) dates from the mid-eighties ...
Decades-old Web Authoring Technology · To­day I want­ed to cook up a new en­try, and I re­al­ized that when I do this, I al­ways end up pok­ing through the on­go­ing di­rec­to­ry tree to the slot for the cur­rent date, open­ing the file, switch­ing to my home­grown XML edit­ing mod­e, im­port­ing an emp­ty tem­plate, and start by en­ter­ing its cat­e­go­ry. This is wrong, be­cause when­ev­er a hu­man be­ing is do­ing a repet­i­tive, bor­ing, error-prone task, that's wrong ...
Nick Hornby on Riffs for the Aged · Nick Horn­by wrote High Fideli­ty, an aw­ful­ly good and amus­ing (and very male-viewpoint) nov­el from which they made a movie that I've not seen. The peo­ple in the book have lives cen­tred around rock&roll, and Horn­by was re­vealed as an eru­dite and thought­ful writ­er on the sub­jec­t. Frank Zap­pa opined that rock crit­ics were peo­ple who can't write writ­ing for peo­ple who can't read about peo­ple who can't play, but he was wrong. Now Horn­by has ven­tured out again ...
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