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Examples, Examples, Examples! · To­day there was a re­lease of a draft of the UBL draft spec­i­fi­ca­tion­s. I pulled them down and there's le­galism­s, and def­i­ni­tion­s, and schemas, and UML, but not one sin­gle ex­am­ple of a UBL mes­sage.... Argh!!!!! ...
Q and 1 are Too Close Together · In many Mac ap­pli­ca­tion­s, Command-1 switch­es win­dows. In Mozil­la, it brings up the brows­er (as op­posed to Mail or IRC) win­dows. It gets used a lot. In al­most ev­ery Mac ap­pli­ca­tion, Command-Q shuts it down. "Q" and "1" are way too close to­geth­er on the key­board, sigh.
Writing the Hard Line of Code · When I'm writ­ing code, and build­ing some­thing com­pli­cat­ed, there's this place I usu­al­ly get to where I'm about to write "the hard line of code". Usu­al­ly, I've just fin­ished set­ting up a bunch of code to ag­gre­gate the da­ta I need both to read and up­date, get­ting the locks I need, and oth­er house­keep­ing chores, and now I're go­ing to write the com­pli­cat­ed bit of arith­metic or re­al­ly sub­tle con­di­tion­al that's go­ing to com­pute the out­come val­ue or de­cide whether to in­clude the record or what­ev­er the goal is. I al­ways pause in­vol­un­tar­i­ly and lean back. Then one of a few things hap­pen­s:
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