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FSS: The Rim Again · Friday Slide Scan #29 revisits Pacific Rim National Park; if you like these you’ll like the previous visits: #20, #21, and #23. This time we have a storm shot and a sand shot ...
FSS: Wood in Black and White · Friday Slide Scan #23 is another December-1985 Pacific Rim shot; the wood is driftwood, most of its colour bleached out ...
FSS: Rim Details · Friday Slide Scan #21, like last week’s, is December 1986 photographs from Pacific Rim National Park. These are on a smaller scale: a seashell and a leaf ...
FSS: The Rim · Friday Slide Scan #20 has four samples from in 1985-86 in Pacific Rim National Park. These are pictures of the very Rim itself ...
Friday Slide Scan: Driftwood · Others may practice Friday Catblogging, and a regularly-scheduled event is a fine thing, so I’ve decided to institute one. I regularly dedicate a late-evening hour or two to scanning old slides (it multiplexes nicely with other activities) and I now have an inventory of 2,000 or so, and it’s growing. So, rather than let them languish unloved in the safe but cold embrace of DVD-ROMs, I shall drop one here at the end of most weeks. This week: driftwood on some Pacific-Rim beach, circa 1990 ...
On Darkness and Film and Bits · Winter solstice, which at 50°N latitude means damn few hours of light, and in this grey corner of the world the light is poor stuff, a dark cotton ceiling, edgeless, colorless. Which, plus an interesting essay from Glenn Reynolds has me thinking about film and computers and pictures and the light that isn’t here ...
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