Others may practice Friday Catblogging, and a regularly-scheduled event is a fine thing, so I’ve decided to institute one. I regularly dedicate a late-evening hour or two to scanning old slides (it multiplexes nicely with other activities) and I now have an inventory of 2,000 or so, and it’s growing. So, rather than let them languish unloved in the safe but cold embrace of DVD-ROMs, I shall drop one here at the end of most weeks. This week: driftwood on some Pacific-Rim beach, circa 1990.

White Pacific driftwood on dark stones

Images from the Friday Slide Scans are from 35mm slides taken between 1955 and 2003 by (in rough chronological order) Bill Bray, Tim Bray, Cath Bray, and Lauren Wood; when I know exactly who took one, I’ll say. Most but not all of the slides were on Kodachrome; they were digitized using a Nikon CoolScan 4000 ED scanner and cleaned up by a combination of the Nikon scanning software and PhotoShop Elements.

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