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Trees With Names · This is the end of sto­ries and pic­tures from New Zealand. It’s green there; grass­es and shrubs of course, but es­pe­cial­ly trees and trees and trees. Some have names; in­di­vid­u­al trees I mean, not species ...
NZ Garden Waters · Three more pret­ty pic­tures which, as I keep say­ing, are easy to find in New Zealand. Thanks are due to Hamil­ton Gar­dens and, sur­pris­ing­ly, to the Ingress com­mu­ni­ty  —  yes, that augmented-reality game that I’m still play­ing, two years lat­er ...
NZ Eye Candy · I have a few more pic­tures I want to run and most have sto­ries wrapped round them. Th­ese don’t; ex­cept I guess the larg­er nar­ra­tive about New Zealand be­ing ex­ep­tion­al­ly pret­ty, and a nice place to vis­it. I sup­pose we could pick up and move there; the subject’s come up at the din­ner table ...
NZ Phonescapes · Turns out all the shots-worth-keeping from my phone were land­scapes. So here are three. Al­so a pro­nun­ci­a­tion les­son for Amer­i­can­s ...
NZ Birds · I don’t do much wildlife, and I don’t shoot an­i­mals in cap­tiv­i­ty, and I don’t pub­lish blur­ry pic­tures. Let’s break all those rules. Oh, and Ter­ry Pratch­ett too ...
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Narrow Road, Deep North · 
The last park­ing lot
in Aotearoa:
fall cy­clone flut­ing.
Māori Snapshots · The Māori peo­ple, who ar­rived in what they call Aotearoa in 1300 or so, have since the 1600s been shar­ing the is­lands with New Zealan­ders of Euro-extraction, for ex­am­ple my wife and chil­dren. They and their cul­ture are def­i­nite­ly part of the pack­age a tourist like my­self sees and pho­tograph­s ...
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Auckland · I sure en­joyed vis­it­ing it but I’m not sure I’d want to live there. Green, mar­itime, round­ed, not ob­vi­ous­ly scal­able. With back sto­ry and of course pic­tures ...
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That Cricket Match · I spent many hours last Tues­day in Auck­land watch­ing the Crick­et World Cup semi­fi­nal be­tween South Africa and New Zealand. It was in­sane­ly in­tense. I will prob­a­bly spend most of Satur­day night up watch­ing the fi­nal. Here­with words and pic­tures, in­clud­ing a bit of overview for us New-Worlders to whom crick­et is (most­ly) for­eign ...
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