I have a few more pictures I want to run and most have stories wrapped round them. These don’t; except I guess the larger narrative about New Zealand being exeptionally pretty, and a nice place to visit. I suppose we could pick up and move there; the subject’s come up at the dinner table.

Somewhere in the west-coast-of-the-North-Island woods. The trees have leaves but aren’t deciduous. And the forest fills with a quality of light entirely unlike we see at 49°N.

Trees in New Zealand

And another tree. In the far Northland I think. Which, if we did decide to change hemispheres, would be where I’d want to go. But that wouldn’t be a remotely practical thing to do, would it?

Tree in New Zealand

I like shooting flowers but didn’t, much; of course, mid-March is a bit autumnal there. Which doesn’t mean it’s cold or even cool, or that you can’t go swimming. But not too many flowers left. This one is of course not remotely native.

Pink flower in New Zealand

Looking northwest from Rangikapiti Pa.

Northwest from Rangikapiti Pa

Green and blue, not very crowded but very, very far away; that’s New Zealand.

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