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Geek Beers · I’m in London next week for the OIDF Workshop. I plan to spend the evening of Tuesday January 22nd with my bum on a seat in The Phoenix and a beer in front of me. Anyone who has an opinion about Identity or Android or Google or photography or Japanese Metal bands, drop by and say hello.
London · I spent four days there last week and enjoyed it. Herewith words and pictures ...
London Town · I’m speaking at FOWA and will be a London resident October 6th through 9th. Any meetups or drinkups or geekfests or other events I shouldn’t miss?
[Update: I’m thinking dinner at the Lahore Kebab House Tuesday Oct. 7. Anyone interested, drop me an email or direct-message me on twitter or, best of all, just drop in a comment here.]
[OK, there are two or three interested, a couple people asking “When?” I suggest 8PM? I’m flexible.]

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