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Outer Átl’ḵa7tsem · On most maps is its colonial name: Howe Sound. It’s a triangular body of water northwest of Vancouver, its longest side about 40km, scattered with islands. Here’s a map. The Sound and its islands are mostly named after 19th-century British naval officers, which in 2023 I find loathsome. It’s time to lose the dead limeys and revive the Indigenous names. The area was peopled by the Squamish; they used more than one name, but these days “Átl’ḵa7tsem” seems to be what people (and officials) are using. It may be hard to spell but it’s not hard to say ...
Junepix 9: AFS · This acronym is much-used among photographers around here. “A” is for “another” and “S” for “sunset”. Being on the left side of a land mass will do that to you ...
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Morning Over Mountains · Being a photo of the sun’s rays spilling over the mountains onto Howe Sound, taken from a boat pulling out of Horseshoe Bay ...
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Cottage Life I: Logs · I think that life in general and this space in particular would benefit from more of an outdoor flavor; words and pictures rooted in Nature. Our recent acquisition of a piece of Keats Island, should make this easier. Welcome to Cottage Life. Any piece of Pacific Northwest waterfront is going to include a lot of logs ...
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Cottagers! · Now we’re real Canadians. As of June 11th, Lauren and I own a cottage on Keats Island (Wikipedia, map, keatsisland.net). The consequences include a sudden interest in remote-area Internet options ...
Howe Sound Day · We spent Sunday traveling with friends and visiting their cottage on Keats Island, a smallish dot on the coastal British-Columbia map. The body of water around it is called Howe Sound, and if you’ve touristed around here you’ve seen it out of the left side of your car on the first part of the way to Whistler, or the right side when almost home. Keats’ population in winter is maybe fifty; but then a thousand on certain summer long weekends. The Island and Sound are photogenic ...
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