This acronym is much-used among photographers around here. “A” is for “another” and “S” for “sunset”. Being on the left side of a land mass will do that to you.

Sunset over Howe Sound

The water is Howe Sound; at the lower left the dull white mass is the big white BC Ferry that goes back and forth across it.


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From: David Magda (Jul 09 2009, at 07:09)

Ran across this video [1] that has some tips that I hadn't thought of.

First (0:20), rather obvious when you think about it, only really make

the attempt if there are a few clouds in the sky, because if there no

clouds, there is no reflected light.

Next (7:20) change the white balance settings: if you want colours on

blue/violet of the spectrum, change to 'fluorescent' mode; for more

reds and orange, change it to 'sunny' mode (or even 'cloudy').

Lastly (8:40), if you want to saturate the image a bit more with

colour, you can have the camera take a slightly longer exposure by

changing the exposure compensation value to something like +0.7.


You can see some of his stuff at:


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