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Japanese Brazilian Market · São Paulo claims to have the largest “Japantown” in the world; it’s called Liberdade. Herewith three photos of items on sale there ...
Porto Alegre — Usina do Gasômetro · This is a power-generating plant on the waterfront that has been converted for art-and-culture purposes; there’s a cinema, a café, a children’s space, and lots of nice walls for hanging pictures. We got there as dusk was beginning to fall; a treat for the eyes and camera ...
Porto Alegre’s Central Market · Like the rest of town, it lacks the extremes of drama and beauty that conventionally attract tourists. We went there on Wikipedia’s recommendation and I’m glad, since I got that you’re-a-long-way-away-from-home shiver too rarely enjoyed by over-frequent travelers, but always by those who find their photographs rather than planning them ...
Porto Alegre — Around Town · It’s not the most glamorous or glittery place in the world, but it’s nice and friendly. For one reason or another I took a whole lot of pictures in Porto Alegre. I think I’ll have to break them up across a few entries here ...
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FISL12 · I’m not sure what the F and I stand for, but the last two letters are for “Software Livre”; FISL is the largest FLOSS event in the Southern Hemisphere, and brought me to Porto Alegre for a few days ...
Turismo · During the ten days centered more or less around Hallowe’en, I (in the company of my Google colleagues) visited four countries in South America. This is not the way to do it. But still, fun was had. Here are a few superficial yes-I-was-there photographs ...
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