It’s not the most glamorous or glittery place in the world, but it’s nice and friendly. For one reason or another I took a whole lot of pictures in Porto Alegre. I think I’ll have to break them up across a few entries here.

It’s a waterfront town, but the water’s fresh, where a bunch of rivers come together and bunch up enough to be called a lake. I noticed a few nice-looking cottages on islands, and it works just as well as the ocean for hosting sunsets.

Sunset from Porto Alegre over the Rio Guaíba

There are a whole lot of places to eat, and the food we got was pretty good. I particularly enjoyed this one; the band jammed into the corner pumping out the Brazilian beats while the waiters swarmed the floor with Brazilian beers. The beats, which were melodious and hot, pleased me more than the beers, which were bland.

An upscale sandwich joint with bear and beats in Porto Alegre

Over on Google Plus I published another picture of the band with a couple dancing.

The food at this joint was upscale sandwiches, really big but surprisingly light and airy; I didn’t walk away feeling over-stuffed.

I mentioned that the town isn’t strong on glamor and glitter; in fact, it’s kind of beat-up looking. This didn’t bother me because it made for interesting pictures. Here we have some graffiti that I liked.

Graffiti in Porto Alegre

And here the central market (I’ll have some pictures from inside in another post) with a really interesting (I thought) background.

Central Market in Porto Alegre with elderly buildings behind

One evening the sponsors of FISL put on a big Churrasco meal. This is the “Brazilian-style” barbecue that’s penetrated the world, where the waiters circulate with chunks of meat on swords and you eat as much as you want. This meal was accompanied by a song-and-dance performance, and I’ll leave you with a picture from that.

Brazilian traditional dancer at Porto Alegre


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From: Osvaldo Doederlein (Jul 10 2011, at 06:41)

Did you get the "dança do facão" with long knifes and bolas? That's way cool.

BTW it remembers me a true story from my father-in-law... some 30 years ago he was watching to that show, but in a small restaurant, small city so I suppose no great artists involved... then one of the bolas escaped from its cord, hit the forehead of an old woman. My father-in-law's brother who is a physician tried to help the woman but she died instantly.

Lesson learned, don't sit very close to they show if they're spinning the "boleadeira"; that stuff is made to stop 1-Ton bulls, and we are much weaker than those bulls ;-)


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