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More Things About TV · Wow, when I asked Is 4K BS? three days be­fore Christ­mas, I didn’t ex­pect much of a re­ac­tion, but is that lit­tle piece ev­er pop­u­lar. A bunch of use­ful follow-ons ap­peared in the com­ments and on G+ and Twit­ter, so here they are ...
Is 4K BS? · I hear that Sony & friends are go­ing to start telling us that our HDTVs aren’t good enough and we all need to up­grade to 4K (which is twice the di­men­sions and 4 times the pix­els of 1080p). NBC news says the ex­perts are un­con­vinced, and quotes one of them: reti­na sci­en­tist, pho­tog­ra­pher, and blog­ger Bryan Jones. I thought I’d do the num­bers and yeah, I think it’s prob­a­bly BS ...
Chromecast · It took like five min­utes to get it set up. It work­s. It’s great. It’s on­ly do­ing 5% of what it could ...
AV Receiver · Be­ing the sto­ry of how I stum­bled in­to buy­ing one, and why you might want to al­so. If you’re any kind of Home-Theater wee­nie you’ve al­ready had one for a decade or more and you can safe­ly skip this. On the oth­er hand, if the col­lec­tion of box­es plugged in­to the big TV has grown like fun­gus and the rat’s-nest of wires be­hind it has be­come in­tim­i­dat­ing, read on ...
Living in the Future · The oth­er day I got a Roku and some Plex soft­ware; now ev­ery­thing in the house is con­nect­ed to ev­ery­thing, and to the Net, and remotely-controllable from our mo­biles. It feels pret­ty mag­ic ...
TV and the LazyWeb · I have a prob­lem: I want a new HDTV, I have very spe­cif­ic re­quire­ments, and I’m not which mod­els match, or even how best to find that out. There’s al­ways the LazyWe­b, and it’s show­ing new signs of life, in the form of Dave Sifry’s Hoos­got. Let’s see if it can help me find the right TV ...
NBA Playoffs · Been too busy, hard­ly watched any regular-season games, so all the teams are more or less new to me. I’m re­al­ly en­joy­ing the TNT cov­er­age of the Lak­ers and Sun­s; can’t see the Lak­ers get­ting out of this se­ries even though they’re (just) hold­ing on to a Game 2 lead. Of the teams I’ve seen, my mon­ey would be on the Sun­s. Any­how, TNT is be­ing fair­ly free with their cam­era an­gles, us­ing the floor-level shot to par­tic­u­lar­ly good ef­fec­t. And—goodness gra­cious me—is that a Phil Glass sound­track on the Tylenol ad?!? The mind bog­gles. What nex­t... John Cage for Nyquil? Ce­cil Tay­lor for Pep­si?
TV Sucks · Re­cent­ly we en­tered the world of satel­lite dish­es and big plas­ma screens and HDTV. Here­with an il­lus­trat­ed litany of com­plaints, most­ly small things but one big one ...
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