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LG C1 · What happened was, our TV is ten years old and (following on some renovations) we could use one at the cabin for rainy winter evenings. So I bought a 48" LG C1 4K OLED screen (48" is the smallest in the C1 line), which is kind of this year’s hot TV. It’s not a life-changer, but the world of TV has shifted some in a decade, so here’s a dispatch from the front. Includes a pointer to a truly great TV stand ...
More Things About TV · Wow, when I asked Is 4K BS? three days before Christmas, I didn’t expect much of a reaction, but is that little piece ever popular. A bunch of useful follow-ons appeared in the comments and on G+ and Twitter, so here they are ...
Is 4K BS? · I hear that Sony & friends are going to start telling us that our HDTVs aren’t good enough and we all need to upgrade to 4K (which is twice the dimensions and 4 times the pixels of 1080p). NBC news says the experts are unconvinced, and quotes one of them: retina scientist, photographer, and blogger Bryan Jones. I thought I’d do the numbers and yeah, I think it’s probably BS ...
Chromecast · It took like five minutes to get it set up. It works. It’s great. It’s only doing 5% of what it could ...
AV Receiver · Being the story of how I stumbled into buying one, and why you might want to also. If you’re any kind of Home-Theater weenie you’ve already had one for a decade or more and you can safely skip this. On the other hand, if the collection of boxes plugged into the big TV has grown like fungus and the rat’s-nest of wires behind it has become intimidating, read on ...
Living in the Future · The other day I got a Roku and some Plex software; now everything in the house is connected to everything, and to the Net, and remotely-controllable from our mobiles. It feels pretty magic ...
TV and the LazyWeb · I have a problem: I want a new HDTV, I have very specific requirements, and I’m not which models match, or even how best to find that out. There’s always the LazyWeb, and it’s showing new signs of life, in the form of Dave Sifry’s Hoosgot. Let’s see if it can help me find the right TV ...
NBA Playoffs · Been too busy, hardly watched any regular-season games, so all the teams are more or less new to me. I’m really enjoying the TNT coverage of the Lakers and Suns; can’t see the Lakers getting out of this series even though they’re (just) holding on to a Game 2 lead. Of the teams I’ve seen, my money would be on the Suns. Anyhow, TNT is being fairly free with their camera angles, using the floor-level shot to particularly good effect. And—goodness gracious me—is that a Phil Glass soundtrack on the Tylenol ad?!? The mind boggles. What next... John Cage for Nyquil? Cecil Taylor for Pepsi?
TV Sucks · Recently we entered the world of satellite dishes and big plasma screens and HDTV. Herewith an illustrated litany of complaints, mostly small things but one big one ...
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