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Eventing Facets · What happened was, at re:Invent 2019 I gave a talk entitled Moving to Event-Driven Architecture, discussing a list of characteristics that distinguish eventing and messaging services. It was a lot of work pulling the material together and I’ve learned a couple of things since then; thus, welcome to the Eventing Facets blog series, of which this is the hub. It’s going to take a while to fill this out ...
Facet: Push vs Pull · If you want to process events, you can fetch them from the infrastructure or you can have the infrastructure hand them to you. Neither idea is crazy ...
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Facet: Broker vs Serverless · Your event infrastructure might be a service in the cloud or might be an actual computer (or cluster) you connect to. Both choices are perfectly sensible. The trade-offs? It’s complicated ...
Facet: FIFO · When you inject events into the cloud, do you care whether they come out in the same order they went in? If you do, you’ll be asking for “FIFO” (rhymes with “Fly, foe!”) (stands for “First In First Out”). Some software has it, some doesn’t ...
Facet: Point-to-Point vs Pub/Sub · When there’s an event in the cloud, how many different receivers can receive it? There are two plausible answers: Just one, or anyone ...
Facet: Deduping · When you fire an event into the cloud, can you be sure it’ll only come out again once? It turns out that sometimes they come out more often than they go in. This may or may not be a problem in your application. If it is, there are techniques to help work around it ...
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