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Fix NFL Overtime · I’m too busy to watch much football, but I do enjoy the NFL when I get a chance. In week 11, there were two games where the score was tied after 60 minutes. The Jets beat New England on a routine field goal at the end of a nice drive, but it feels kind of like the coin toss won the game. And Philly and the Bengals tied, which is also a lousy outcome. Up here in Canada, we have a better solution ...
Princebowl Sunday · Wow, was that music hot, or what? I get the feeling that Prince decided some heavy rain would help his visuals and he had so much mojo going into this particular Sunday that God took his call and set it up. I wonder how much rehearsing it takes to pull together something that choreographed and have it come off on the first-and-only-chance performance, weather be damned? We had a bunch of people over, so I was hosting and missed quite a bit of the game, but I grabbed a seat at halftime, and turned it up and told ’em to shut up when the music started. By the way, I made Paul Humphreys’s Beef Stifado for the after-game dinner, and it came out great; heartily recommended for a good solid feed on a cold winter day. Looked just like Paul’s picture. I doubled the recipe and quadrupled the garlic.
Football, Beans, Sunshine, Sex · What happened was, we had some friends over for the Sunday football games, and the day turned out very pleasantly in a bunch of ways; herewith an illustrated narrative ...
Polamalu · The kid and I were watching Sunday night football, Steelers and Browns. He & I have had a soft spot for Pittsburgh since last year, probably just because they’re fun to watch. For example, Troy Polamalu made a terrific tackle and the kid said: “When he goes fast and he bumps into somebody, they fall down right away.” Yep. Then Charlie Batch improvised that no-time-to-think touchdown at the end of the half—with a broken hand! And as I was typing this, they pulled off that ridiculous showboat piece, double-reverse to Randle El to the stratosphere to Ward to the end zone, 51 yards later. Oh my goodness. Cleveland’s Dilfer and Droughns are fun, too; but they’re up against it tonight.
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