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Fix NFL Overtime · I’m too busy to watch much foot­bal­l, but I do en­joy the NFL when I get a chance. In week 11, there were two games where the score was tied af­ter 60 min­utes. The Jets beat New Eng­land on a rou­tine field goal at the end of a nice drive, but it feels kind of like the coin toss won the game. And Philly and the Ben­gals tied, which is al­so a lousy out­come. Up here in Canada, we have a bet­ter so­lu­tion ...
Princebowl Sunday · Wow, was that mu­sic hot, or what? I get the feel­ing that Prince de­cid­ed some heavy rain would help his vi­su­als and he had so much mo­jo go­ing in­to this par­tic­u­lar Sun­day that God took his call and set it up. I won­der how much re­hears­ing it takes to pull to­geth­er some­thing that chore­ographed and have it come off on the first-and-only-chance per­for­mance, weath­er be damned? We had a bunch of peo­ple over, so I was host­ing and missed quite a bit of the game, but I grabbed a seat at half­time, and turned it up and told ’em to shut up when the mu­sic start­ed. By the way, I made Paul Humphreys’s Beef Sti­fa­do for the after-game din­ner, and it came out great; hearti­ly rec­om­mend­ed for a good sol­id feed on a cold win­ter day. Looked just like Paul’s pic­ture. I dou­bled the recipe and quadru­pled the gar­lic.
Football, Beans, Sunshine, Sex · What hap­pened was, we had some friends over for the Sun­day foot­ball games, and the day turned out very pleas­ant­ly in a bunch of ways; here­with an il­lus­trat­ed nar­ra­tive ...
Polamalu · The kid and I were watch­ing Sun­day night foot­bal­l, Steel­ers and Brown­s. He & I have had a soft spot for Pitts­burgh since last year, prob­a­bly just be­cause they’re fun to watch. For ex­am­ple, Troy Po­la­malu made a ter­rif­ic tack­le and the kid said: “When he goes fast and he bumps in­to some­body, they fall down right away.” Yep. Then Char­lie Batch im­pro­vised that no-time-to-think touch­down at the end of the half—with a bro­ken hand! And as I was typ­ing this, they pulled off that ridicu­lous show­boat piece, double-reverse to Ran­dle El to the strato­sphere to Ward to the end zone, 51 yards lat­er. Oh my good­ness. Cleveland’s Dil­fer and Droughns are fun, too; but they’re up against it tonight.
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