Wow, was that music hot, or what? I get the feeling that Prince decided some heavy rain would help his visuals and he had so much mojo going into this particular Sunday that God took his call and set it up. I wonder how much rehearsing it takes to pull together something that choreographed and have it come off on the first-and-only-chance performance, weather be damned? We had a bunch of people over, so I was hosting and missed quite a bit of the game, but I grabbed a seat at halftime, and turned it up and told ’em to shut up when the music started. By the way, I made Paul Humphreys’s Beef Stifado for the after-game dinner, and it came out great; heartily recommended for a good solid feed on a cold winter day. Looked just like Paul’s picture. I doubled the recipe and quadrupled the garlic.


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From: Skrocki (Feb 05 2007, at 14:39)

Indeed, aside from the first touch down of the game, the performance of the-artist-formerly-known-as-Prince (is it ok to call him Prince again?) was definitely one of the best parts of the Super Bowl.


From: Ryan Cousineau (Feb 05 2007, at 16:06)

I believe he's back to Prince, or better yet, The Artist Formerlly Known as The Artist Formerly Known as Prince.

Regarding my Super Bowl, it was a quiet event punctuated by tasty wings and horrendous <a href="">Rain Fade</a>.

Cable looking real good right now...


From: Pat (Feb 10 2007, at 00:17)

Yeah, Prince was on fuego.

When he ripped into Purple Rain, I thought, "Oh *that's* why it's raining. It makes sense now."


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