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Jennifer vs. Bingyu · If you’re near a TV tomorrow (Sunday March 30th) that gets the CBC, you might want to take in the final of the world women’s curling championship; that’s 10:30 AM Pacific. It’s remarkably good TV, the contrast between the finalists is stark, and it could totally go either way. The semifinal between Canada and Japan this afternoon featured a big comeback and a hairbreadth finish. Wang Bingyu’s China rink has beaten Jennifer Jones’ Canadians twice in the last week, but nobody thinks the final’s a foregone conclusion.
[Update: Well, it was kind of anticlimax; the Chinese switched their strategy from aggressive to defensive and it fizzled, they never really hit their stride, so Ms Jones and her teammates sailed through without much drama.]
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Saskatchewan · It’s Spring Break, so we’re in Saskatchewan with the kid visiting his grandmothers. I’ll be out at Lauren’s Mom’s farm for the next three days with lousy Internet access. This is partly by design; I am seriously behind on my Java One deliverables and a day or two hiding upstairs at the farm, away from the Net, while Lauren hangs out with her mother and the kid with the animals, may help get me caught up. In the interim, here are three very Saskatchewan photos ...
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