It’s Spring Break, so we’re in Saskatchewan with the kid visiting his grandmothers. I’ll be out at Lauren’s Mom’s farm for the next three days with lousy Internet access. This is partly by design; I am seriously behind on my Java One deliverables and a day or two hiding upstairs at the farm, away from the Net, while Lauren hangs out with her mother and the kid with the animals, may help get me caught up. In the interim, here are three very Saskatchewan photos.

Here’s what the weather’s like.

Tim Bray dressed for the Prairie Winter

Photo by Jean Bray.

When you have that kind of climate, you care about flowers. The city has an excellent conservatory where I found this Amaryllis.


When we arrived at the Regina airport, there was a Mountie in full regalia, and all sorts of regalia, letting everyone know that The Brier—the Canadian Men’s Curling Championship, and arguably the toughest curling event in the world—was in progress. So we got tickets and caught a draw of four matches; here’s a shot at the Alberta-Manitoba match, which was a real barn-burner and went into an extra end. Great fun, and there’s nothing more Canadian.

Alberta vs. Manitoba at the 2006 Brier in Regina

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March 14, 2006
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