Ah… Deep Pur­ple, now that’s what I call Max­i­mum Rock And Rol­l. And High­way Star is the max­i­mum max­i­mum. Al­so, it comes with a per­fect live record­ing. When I say “Deep Purple” I refer, of course, to any it­er­a­tion of the band that in­clud­ed Jon Lord, Ritchie Black­more, and Ian Gil­lan.

Made in Japan by Deep Purple

Did I say “iteration”? Yeah, they had a lot, and some were most­ly cash­ing in on a prof­itable hard-rock fran­chise. For­tu­nate­ly, you can ig­nore all that crap, just buy one al­bum and you’ll have all the Deep Pur­ple any­one need­s: Made In Ja­pan. Along with High­way Star, it has mas­ter­ful ver­sions of Smoke on the Water, Lazy, Space Truckin”, and es­pe­cial­ly Child In Time, which may edge the oth­ers in mu­si­cal depth, but doesn’t ap­proach the raw Dionysian pow­er of High­way Star. That’s a safe thing to say be­cause it’s not clear that any oth­er piece of mu­sic ev­er record­ed does ei­ther.

What can you say about a bunch of major-progression blues chords played re­al­ly fast with a thun­der­ous back-beat, be­hind a throaty howl from the singer al­ter­nat­ing with razor-sharp gui­tar break­s? Oh, I al­ready did: Max­i­mum Rock And Rol­l.

The al­bum it­self is an in­ter­est­ing sto­ry: Their la­bel in­sist­ed on cap­tur­ing the Ja­panese tour live so the band in­sist­ed on bring­ing in their fave pro­duc­er. But then they lost in­ter­est and on­ly bassist Roger Glover and drum­mer Ian Paice showed up to pitch in on the pro­duc­tion. So there are no over­dub­s, yay; just like it sound­ed to the au­di­ence in Osa­ka on Au­gust 16, 1972 on­ly prob­a­bly bet­ter.

I saw the same ros­ter per­form this in 1984; the sound was a lit­tle mud­dy, but it was still a hell of a show.

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Links · Spo­ti­fy playlist. This tune on iTunes, Ama­zon, Spo­ti­fy. There’s no re­al­ly ex­cel­lent live video of this song, but this take (B&W, starts 1:10 in) from 1972 in Den­mark is OK. But for di­vine mad­ness, you re­al­ly want to want to hear the Made in Ja­pan ver­sion.


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From: Jon Forrest (Mar 30 2018, at 18:45)

For an even better version than the original, checkout Chickenfoot.



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