Here’s my New Year’s Res­o­lu­tion: I’ll try to try to pub­lish a short piece ev­ery day rec­om­mend­ing a song that I think is ex­cel­len­t, and apt to please at least some read­er­s. Let’s see how far in­to 2018 I get; a quick run through the col­lec­tion turned up around 240 can­di­dates, so a whole year’s worth of songs would be a stretch goal. Read on for mo­ti­va­tion, lo­gis­tic­s, and me­chan­ic­s. Or just read the song notes, start­ing to­mor­row. Or don’t.

Why? · 2018 will be this blog’s fif­teenth year, and the frag­ments don’t flow as fast as they used to; I have to reach back pret­ty far some­times to achieve even three or four mi­croes­says a mon­th. Which is weird, be­cause on­go­ing cen­ters on com­put­ing, and I’m in­tense­ly en­gaged at the white-hot core of Cloud, which as in­ter­est­ing a tech­nol­o­gy seg­ment as there is. Espe­cial­ly if mon­ey is your mea­sure.

But… there’s this term “insider” and I’m one of those, de ju­re and for re­al, and I could write any num­ber of au­thor­i­ta­tive and amus­ing pieces on Hy­brid Cloud or Server­less Eco­nomics or com­pet­ing with Azure vs Google or, well, you get the idea, but I couldn’t con­vinc­ing­ly claim they were un­in­flu­enced by my work at AWS or didn’t re­flect views held by at least some se­nior peo­ple. And that wouldn’t do at al­l. Might even be il­le­gal.

I still find space to tech­nol­o­gize here now and again when I think it can’t go wrong, but there’s writ­ing en­er­gy cur­dling in the back of my brain. And I used to have fun here with the 5★♫ se­ries, and music’s been a pri­ma­ry recre­ation for way more than 38 years. So wel­come to “SotD”, a tiny song-discovery ser­vice.

Rules ·

  1. “Song” doesn’t strict­ly im­ply a singer. I should strict­ly say “track of the day” but “song” is a bet­ter word.

  2. It does im­ply some virtues of brevi­ty and co­heren­cy; I won’t be rec­om­mend­ing abra­sive free-jazz jams or 70-minute min­i­mal­ist drones or game­lan ex­plo­sion­s.

  3. A lot of it is go­ing to be kind of old, be­cause I am, but let’s see if we can have reg­u­lar vis­its to this cen­tu­ry. And I’m de­ter­mined to find some­thing in 2018 to fea­ture in 2018.

  4. I’ll work on di­ver­si­ty, but Cana­di­an­s, males, and elec­tric gui­tars are go­ing to be over-represented.

  5. I’ll re­strict my­self to things you can ac­tu­al­ly get, which sad­ly means I’ll have to skip that dub com­pi­la­tion on a skeevy-looking CD I got in a skeevier-looking part of Syd­ney in 1991.

  6. You’re prob­a­bly gonna hate some of the SotDs.

  7. I re­serve the right to re-use some pre­vi­ous 5★♫ tunes.

  8. Other things be­ing equal, I’ll lean to great songs from the lesser-known, and lesser-known songs from the great. Which mean­s, ex­pect a few one-hit won­der­s. But big hits get to be big hits for a rea­son, and any­thing that was a big hit be­fore say 1990 comes from an­oth­er plan­et any­how.

Lo­gis­tics · This is the World Wide Web, y’know? So I would very much like to link to ev­ery song. There are a lot of ways to ac­cess mu­sic these days and in prin­ci­ple they should have links. At a min­i­mum, I think I ought to be pro­vid­ing iTunes, Google Play, Spo­ti­fy, and Ama­zon links, and would grate­ful­ly con­sid­er sug­ges­tions for oth­er chan­nel­s.

Of those, Google Play is the on­ly one I use (here’s why) but so far I haven’t fig­ured out how to ex­tract song URLs from its JavaScript mael­strom.

I be­lieve firm­ly that Live Mu­sic Is Bet­ter, so wher­ev­er pos­si­ble I’m go­ing to link to live video. Things be­ing what they are, this means a lot of YouTubes; oh well.


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From: John Cowan (Jan 01 2018, at 14:23)

Not that I'm against this initiative at all, but (unless Amazon downright forbids it), I see no reason for you to worry about writing about things "influenced by your work". Work is pretty important in all our lives, and it would be surprising indeed if the things we think about weren't work-related to a considerable degree. And if Amazon's senior people (including yourself) didn't agree on a good many things, the company would hardly be able to sustain itself. If you want to write about serverless economics, well, write about it! You already have the disclaimer that the opinions expressed may not be those of Amazon; just add "On the other hand, they may be."


From: don myatt (Jan 02 2018, at 09:36)


SOD,great idea I am looking forward to it!

good luck and cheers


From: Jeremy Scrivener (Jan 02 2018, at 19:32)

Looking forward to it. You could perhaps use Songwhip to link to the largest number of online sources e.g.


From: Tim (but not THE Tim) (Jan 09 2018, at 13:06)

Perhaps links to YouTube even if not "live"?


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