This my fave Prince song, by a mile. I sus­pect that makes me a heretic, and is al­so wild­ly in­con­sis­tent be­cause it’s got none of his gui­tar shred­ding on it, which al­ways makes me grin ear-to-ear. But it’s a pure pop gem, a thing no song should ev­er apol­o­gize for in any com­pa­ny, no mat­ter how au­gust.

That show

I’m no Prince-ologist. I nev­er man­aged to catch a live show, but wouldn’t have missed the chance. What else can I say? His Su­per Bowl half-time show was maybe the coolest ten-minute mu­si­cal per­for­mance by any­one ev­er. To quote my­self on the day: “I get the feel­ing that Prince de­cid­ed some heavy rain would help his vi­su­als and he had so much mo­jo go­ing in­to this par­tic­u­lar Sun­day that God took his call and set it up.”

I hat­ed most of his slow-jam moan­er­s, and the extra-stupid se­quences in his movies and film­s, no­tably the way-too-long open­ing sec­tion in the of­fi­cial Cream video, which I’ll link to any­how be­cause, you know, of­fi­cial. But I most­ly loved Pur­ple Rain any­how, even the ridicu­lous part­s, just be­cause he was clear­ly a guy with a vi­sion; it wasn’t that he was out of fucks to give what any­one else thought, he nev­er had any.

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Links · Spo­ti­fy playlist. This tune on Spo­ti­fy, iTunes, Ama­zon. Now, as for live video, here’s (yawwwwn) the of­fi­cial video. Here’s some­thing way bet­ter, a live MTV take. Prince is hav­ing a blast, giv­ing the au­di­ence a hard time for their clap-along in­ep­ti­tude, crack­ing jokes. And it’s just him and an acous­tic gui­tar, but some­how the room is 100% full of mu­sic. And he gets pret­ty good rhythm out of the au­di­ence by the third verse. The first 2:45 are Cream, then there’s more good acous­tic mu­sic, stay for the show.

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