Sub­mis­sion was a late ad­di­tion to (most ver­sions of) Nev­er Mind the Bol­lock­s, Here’s the Sex Pis­tols, which any­one will tell you is Cul­tur­al­ly Im­por­tan­t. But most­ly it’s just a re­al­ly great rock song, which re­veals that in among be­ing Cul­tur­al­ly Im­por­tan­t, the Pis­tols were a high­ly com­pe­tent and heav­i­ly re­hearsed hard-rock band.

Submission by the Sex Pistols

Note: The pic­ture above is in­ac­cu­rate be­cause Sid Vicious’ bass parts weren’t us­able on Nev­er Mind the Bol­locks; the (pret­ty de­cen­t) bass you’re hear­ing is by gui­tarist Steve Jones.

Most peo­ple read­ing this are prob­a­bly way too young to re­mem­ber what a big deal the Sex Pis­tols were. It’s worth in­vest­ing a few min­utes in the Wikipedia en­try, which I think is out­stand­ing. If you want to know more, one good place to go is Rot­ten: No Ir­ish, No Black­s, No Dogs, John Lydon’s au­to­bi­og­ra­phy, an ex­cel­lent read ob­vi­ous­ly writ­ten by a very in­tel­li­gent per­son, ex­cel­lent even though he keeps try­ing to pre­tend he hates ev­ery­body and ev­ery­thing even though he ob­vi­ous­ly doesn’t re­al­ly.

Ob­vi­ous­ly this is hardass punk rock, which is why it’s a lit­tle weird that it says You've got me pret­ty deep baby/I can't fig­ure out your wa­tery love/I got­ta solve your mys­tery/Your sit­ting it out in heav­en above. Go fig­ure.

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Links · Spo­ti­fy playlist. This tune on Ama­zon, and Spo­ti­fy, iTunes. As for Spo­ti­fy, I looked but can’t find the orig­i­nal track off Nev­er Mind the Bol­locks. Now, for live video, there’s noth­ing from the Pistols’ Seven­ties hey­day, al­though there’s a no-video live cap­ture from the At­lanta stop their on one and on­ly U.S. tour, which I think does an OK cap­ture of the in­san­i­ty of the time and place. The most mu­si­cal depth is prob­a­bly in this 2007 take, but you al­so might want out to check out the 1996 in Ja­pan ver­sion. There’s this es­sen­tial con­tra­dic­tion be­tween Johnny’s premise, which is “I hate ev­ery­thing, in­clud­ing you for be­ing here and me for do­ing this” and the fact that he’s be­ing sucked in­to giv­ing a com­mit­ted rock-n-roll per­for­mance of a re­al­ly good song de­spite all that hate-claiming.

Rock and rol­l, you can’t kill it even from in­sid­e.


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From: Rob (Feb 22 2018, at 18:36)

Well the Pistols, or Lydon anyway, were prophets in a way. They certainly saw the future of the internet:

Don't know what I want.

But I know how to get it....

Your future dream is a shopping scheme

(Anarchy in the UK)


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