Mary Mar­garet O’Hara, a daugh­ter of Toron­to, hasn’t record­ed much and hasn’t had hits and these are ter­ri­bly sad things be­cause she’s a gem, a won­der­ful un­con­ven­tion­al song­writ­er and singer. Her stuff gets pret­ty far out over the edge some­times, but Dear Dar­ling is a love­ly straight-up coun­try tune, hard­ly weird at al­l, or on­ly in places.

Mary Margaret O’Hara

Ms O’Hara’s per­for­mances were leg­endary in Toron­to of the Eight­ies, and when she fi­nal­ly went in­to the stu­dio and came out with Miss Amer­i­ca, peo­ple thought she was on a rock­et to the Top of the Pop­s. De­spite, one hears, a pa­rade of record-company ex­ec­u­tives throw­ing them­selves at her feet, she’s on­ly ev­er record­ed once since then, on the sound­track to the 2001 move Apart­ment Hunt­ing.

I’m not con­vinced she’d ev­er have been a Big Star though. I saw her once in a Toron­to bar a hun­dred years ago, and you can see it on video; a Mary Mar­garet O’Hara per­for­mance is a pret­ty strange piece of work; I’ve heard her ap­proach de­scribed as “bouncing off the music”.

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Links · Spo­ti­fy playlist. This tune on iTunes, Spo­ti­fy, Ama­zon. Live video (so charm­ing).


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From: Mike Ridley (Feb 13 2018, at 03:59)

Thanks for this Tim. Mary Margaret & Miss America are national treasures. And thanks too for SotD. Thoroughly enjoying the posts and the music.


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