I run a lot of old mu­sic but I’m not some­one who re­al­ly thinks it was all bet­ter back in the day, or is all trash now. So from time to time, the Song of the Day is go­ing to be some­thing I liked on the car ra­dio while I was driv­ing around to­day. To­day, it’s Beck + Call by Ju­ly Talk. Who knows if it’ll still have lis­ten­ers decades from now like most of the se­lec­tions here, or even cen­turies like some. Who cares? It’s a nice tune, needn’t hang its head in the cur­rent com­pa­ny, and Ju­ly Talk are hot stuff live.

July Talk live

A few months ago I liked one of the Ju­ly Talk songs so much that I ac­tu­al­ly went and pur­chased the al­bum Touch from Band­camp; I love it that Band­camp lets you buy un­com­pressed au­dio (rea­sons here). And I buy al­bums be­cause I like sup­port­ing artists di­rect­ly as pos­si­ble. The songs are a lit­tle un­even, but I heard Beck + Call to­day and re­mem­bered how much I liked many of them. (BTW, a lot of Ju­ly Talk songs have “+” in the name.)

It’s got a big bad beat, a pleas­ant­ly rough gui­tar sound, de­cent melod­ic hook­s, and ter­rif­ic singing from Leah Fay. And hey, look­ing them up in Wikipedia re­veals that they’re Cana­di­an, yay.

Beck + Call al­so has a cameo ap­pear­ance from Tanya Ta­gaq, post­mod­ern vo­cal­ist who does Inu­it throat singing and lots of oth­er ex­cel­lent stuff too. Hav­ing seen her per­for­m, I to­tal­ly rec­om­mend the ex­pe­ri­ence.

They’re a good lis­ten, but check out some video too. They’re front­ed by Ms Fay and Peter Dreiman­is, and they turn most songs in­to com­pli­cat­ed ath­let­ic girl/boy dance the­ater. Some of it re­minds me frankly of a pas de deux in a Tchaikovsky bal­let, which is not a bad thing.

This is part of the Song of the Day se­ries (back­ground).

Links · iTunes, Spo­ti­fy, Ama­zon, live video (re­al­ly, check it out­).

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January 27, 2018
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