Mr Moore and Mr Prater dropped their last names and were big soul stars as Sam & Dave be­tween 1961 and 1981. That kind of mu­sic has been pret­ty far off the charts for a lot of years, al­though they got some help from the Blues Brother­s. They’ve got two or three per­for­mances that be­long in this se­ries. I think that I Thank You was the first ev­er soul song that pen­e­trat­ed my con­scious­ness, and is maybe still my fa­vorite.

I Thank You - Sam and Dave The Stax/Volt Singles, 1959-1968

It feels some­how wrong to write about Sam & Dave record­ings, be­cause their live per­for­mances were es­sen­tial. They were se­ri­ous­ly cool dancers and had the best horn-section or­ches­tra­tion I ev­er saw. And the two-part ap­proach to singing was unique.

I Thank You first ap­peared on an LP of the same name which is re­al­ly ex­cel­lent and I rec­om­mend, al­though I lost it some­where along the way. If you’re in­to mu­sic col­lec­tion­s, there’s an­oth­er re­al­ly ex­cel­lent way to buy this song, name­ly as part of the Com­plete Stax/Volt Sin­gles, which as­sem­bles about as much straight-from-the-heart root­sy mu­sic in one pack­age as any­one has ev­er ac­com­plished. You’ll rec­og­nize a lot of the tunes on here with­out hav­ing known that you’d known them.

On the Stax/Volt set, there’s this se­quence: Cold Feet, a fine old-fashioned electric-blues snarl from Al­bert King, I Thank You, Wrap It Up (my second-favorite Sam & Dave song), and (Sittin’ on) The Dock Of The Bay by Otis Red­ding. Has any record­ing put a bet­ter four-song se­quence to­geth­er, ev­er?

Back to the song, which has a love­ly vo­cal sound and a mes­sage we should all be get­ting be­hind all the time: No­body has to do nice things for you or love you, and when they do, you should thank them. There’s noth­ing more ba­sic to be­ing a good per­son. Al­so it’s got a hell of a beat and out­stand­ing horn ar­range­ments.

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Links · Ama­zon, Spo­ti­fy, iTunes, live video of a fine per­for­mance with clum­sy cam­er­a­work. Can’t have ev­ery­thing.

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