Oc­ca­sion­al­ly, the Song of the Day idea starts with a Greatest-Hits record that has mul­ti­ple can­di­dates, and I pick based on which turns up the best live video. Today’s Great­est Hits are those of Julie Lon­don, and it was a tough choice, but what a beau­ti­ful piece of singing Cry Me a Riv­er is.

Julie London Cry Me a River

It was tough be­cause Julie, in my opin­ion, al­so owns the best-ever record­ings of A Taste of Honey (the Beatles’ ver­sion pret­ty well suck­s, while Martin Den­ny and Herb Alpert are on­ly pret­ty good) and al­so of Light My Fire (the Doors’ ver­sion doesn’t suck, but Julie brings a hun­dred times as much sex which in pop­u­lar mu­sic trumps great in­stru­men­tal break­s. But I di­gress.)

No prob­lem, be­cause Cry Me a Riv­er is right up there, and has bet­ter video.

Cry Me a Riv­er was writte in 1953 by Arthur Hamil­ton and sold a mil­lion (lit­er­al­ly) copies for Julie Lon­don, part­ly be­cause it was on the sound­track of The Girl Can’t Help It.

Julie Lon­don is among those Song-of-the-Day artists who’ve pre­vi­ous­ly re­ceived at­ten­tion here at on­go­ing. Last time out, I fea­tured Come On-A My House, which prob­a­bly de­serves to ap­pear in this se­ries at some point. From that, let me re­pro­duce this quote from Ms Lon­don: “It’s on­ly a thim­ble­ful of a voice, and I have to use it close to the mi­cro­phone. But it is a kind of over­smoked voice, and it au­to­mat­i­cal­ly sounds intimate.” She’s be­ing way over­ly mod­est, be­cause her tech­nique with breath and throat and vi­bra­to is mirac­u­lous. But yeah, smoky and in­ti­mate. Ms Lon­don knew ex­act­ly what she was do­ing and was very good at it.

This is part of the Song of the Day se­ries (back­ground).

Links · iTunes, Spo­ti­fy, Ama­zon, live video in B&W or col­or (don’t miss ei­ther). Search­ing these up re­quired fight­ing through a bunch from some dude named Tim­ber­lake who has a song of the same name which isn’t bad for in­dus­tri­al pop, but why would a hu­man be­ing in­vade a great song’s names­pace like this?


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From: Chris Lindley (Jan 22 2018, at 05:17)

Enjoying the SotD posts, so thanks! It would be really, really nice if you would publish a playlist (on whatever service you prefer) towards the end. I would certainly listen to it!


From: Tim Danner (Jan 22 2018, at 13:09)

I have been adding the songs to an Apple Music playlist as the posts get published. Here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/playlist/ongoing-song-of-the-day/pl.u-AkVbkSqGylr


From: Chris Lindley (Jan 23 2018, at 01:47)

Nice! Thank you!


From: JD (Feb 06 2018, at 04:44)

Unfortunately that album is not available on the US iTunes store. It tries to redirect me to the Canadian store :-(


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