If some­one asked me what the great­est rock&roll song of all time was, I wouldn’t be able to pick. But if they kept ask­ing, and you got a se­ri­ous con­ver­sa­tion go­ing, Day Trip­per would be in that con­ver­sa­tion.

Yes, I ac­knowl­edge that this is two loud-and-fast-BritPop Songs of the Day in a row.

It’s worth not­ing that Day Trip­per is mu­si­cal­ly weird; to start with, there’s a slow back­beat be­hind the fast rhythm­s. The chords veer from ma­jor in­to mi­nor and back. And if you talk to peo­ple who re­al­ly care about this kind of stuff you’re apt to hear a lot of “Wow… that tambourine!” (Rin­go BTW).

The his­tor­i­cal record says this is most­ly John-with-some-help-from-Paul, and that there are drug­gie sub­texts. It nev­er made it to the top of the chart­s, but the song on the oth­er side of the same sin­gle, We Can Work It Out, did. Go fig­ure. Ge­orge Martin’s pro­duc­tion stands up well; play it loud, but leave your­self room to dance.

This is part of the Song of the Day se­ries (back­ground).

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From: Paul Morriss (Jan 16 2018, at 01:30)

Interesting that you call it Brit Pop when in the UK that terms is reserved for a shortish period in the 90s when Blur and Oasis were doing their thing.

My metaphorical ears pricked up when I read the blog title as this was number 1 in the UK when I was born. I wasn't born there, but I've lived there since my early years.


From: Duncan Hull (Jan 16 2018, at 01:58)

Hi Tim. Britpop? That's a nineties thing, at least according to Wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Britpop . Beatles rip-offs yes, but NOT the Beatles (strictly speaking)


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