Week ending Sunday 2013/05/19

Monday 10:17 · @ellouis @RiadSattouf @GreatDismal It’s under construction [Original, responding to @ellouis.]

Monday 11:00 · @ellouis @RiadSattouf @GreatDismal It’s under construction (oops, forgot link) [Original, responding to @ellouis.]

Monday 13:18 · Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to IO I go. #io13 [Original.]

Monday 13:21 · @shinypb In principle, sure. In practice, hard to schedule this week. [Original, responding to @shinypb.]

Monday 15:07 · @ftrain I gotta say, that's an awfully soft target. [Original, responding to @ftrain.]

Monday 15:10 · @ftrain Do a Morozov, argue that klout demonstrates essential evil of the Internet. They'll be lining up for it. [Original, responding to @ftrain.]

Monday 15:49 · In bad news, plane taxiing back to terminal with problems. In good news, unfollowed by @pmharper. [Original.]

Monday 16:02 · @2muchswag2b20 Probably snarky remarks about Tory anti-science and anti-internet idiocy. [Original, responding to @20yohotshot.]

Monday 16:16 · @20yohotshot We can do better. [Original, responding to @20yohotshot.]

Wednesday 09:30 · So far, Tor Norbye is winning Google IO by showing off new IntelliJ-based Android IDE. [Original.]

Wednesday 09:35 · RT @commonsguy: There was a minor disturbance in the Force, as dozens of Android book authors screamed "rewrite!?!?" #AndroidStudio #OhMyAc… [Original.]

Wednesday 12:03 · @dcurtis Practice [Original, responding to @dcurtis.]

Wednesday 16:59 · @pamelafox Hardly worthwhile I’d think, just a conventional database thingie. [Original, responding to @pamelafox.]

Wednesday 17:08 · So… my Keynote presentation spontaneously corrupted 5min before my talk. Managed to make a PDF from it and run with that. #io13 [Original.]

Wednesday 17:10 · Android developers everywhere, time to get together and urinate on the grave of HttpURLConnection. Volley is the new hotness. [Original.]

Wednesday 17:32 · The Google Identity Cookbook, work in progress: [Original.]

Wednesday 17:32 · The hybrid-identity stuff underneath the cross-client SSO they showed off in the keynote: googledevelopers.blogspot.com/2013/05/cross-platform-sso-technology.html [Original.]

Thursday 07:05 · @renaudaubin @johnsheehan Yeah, it needs a few words in support of the code. [Original, responding to @renaudaubin.]

Thursday 09:06 · @TheDamfr okhttp implements the horrid HttpURLConnection API. Retrofit & Picasso look cool. Volley has a nice-looking new API. [Original, responding to @TheDamfr.]

Thursday 12:20 · Urgh, my @typekit font isn’t working on that beautiful Chrome Pixel screen. [Original.]

Thursday 14:02 · Victory: When you can dismiss some stupid site’s intrusive stupid pop-up before it can finish drawing itself. *cough* Wired *cough* [Original.]

Thursday 14:07 · Me wearing the Recon Instruments Jet sunglasses. I’m a fan: #notthroughglass [Original.]

Friday 07:19 · Pictures from the fun part of Google IO; photographers, Billy Idol, and Ingress by night: [Original.]

Friday 10:25 · Mad at @aircanada, last-minute reveal of >2hour delay. But the check-in dude did worked fast & got me on the competition. Well done! [Original.]

Saturday 08:12 · Ingress Chase Scene, in which Steve McQueen is invoked and poodles are frightened: - www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2013/05/17/Ingress-Move [Original.]

Saturday 09:40 · Remind me again why Canada needs a senate? #cdnpoli [Original.]

Saturday 10:51 · LazyWeb: Looking for good online summer course to introduce a 14-yr-old to programming. Local “camps” are Java-heavy and dire. [Original.]

Saturday 10:59 · @dantekgeek Really? Obvious searches at coursera.com don’t turn it up. [Original, responding to @dantekgeek.]

Saturday 11:45 · @MilesOReilly Well, and the answer is obvious: “No.” [Original, responding to @MilesOReilly.]

Saturday 17:14 · Andrew Leonard (@koxinga21) has a Wikipedia-is-corrupt-and-dangerous exposé. How 2006. Well-written though: www.salon.com/2013/05/17/revenge_ego_and_the_corruption_of_wikipedia/ [Original.]

Saturday 17:18 · I used to enjoy shredding the Wikipedia-is-all-wrong posterbearers. Still worth doing? [Original.]

Saturday 17:21 · @laurenweinstein Holy shit, it was that vandal that @koxinga21 fingered that nuked you, check the history. [Original, responding to @laurenweinstein.]

Saturday 17:28 · @nelson The core is pretty inward-facing. I think there are quite a few casuals like me who just tend a few articles. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Saturday 17:34 · @nelson I owe WP, as a consequence of an edit war I’ve become the greatest living expert on the sex life of T.E. Lawrence. [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Saturday 18:03 · @koxinga21 There’s a real issue, but would’ve liked to have seen some counterpoint to the pure-attack-dog Wikipediocracy polemic. [Original, responding to @koxinga21.]

Saturday 19:55 · @koxinga21 Jimmy is not among WP’s best advocates IMHO. He created something much larger & more interesting than he is. [Original, responding to @koxinga21.]

Sunday 12:33 · Google IO in my rearview mirror, with pictures: [Original.]

Sunday 14:57 · @dangillmor I wrote about this recently: [Original, responding to @dangillmor.]

Sunday 20:04 · @steveklabnik Guy has world-class piss-people-off skills. [Original, responding to @steveklabnik.]

Sunday 20:10 · Nice piece about @frankejames in the Guardian: www.guardian.co.uk/environment/2013/may/17/artist-inspiration-canada-silence-climate [Original.]

Sunday 22:47 · The Wikipedia entry for “Dhalgren” is a hot mess. Have started whittling, but there is work here for many. [Original.]

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