Week ending Sunday 2013/03/10

Monday 13:07 · @typekit Thanks! Chrome, Nexus 7, https://t.co/HsaLM7KDBX [Original, responding to @typekit.]

Monday 23:28 · RT @dannysullivan: Will the last third-party Twitter client to leave the room please turn off the API on the way out? [Original.]

Tuesday 00:24 · Ah, an unexpected free evening in Tokyo. #brightlightsbigcity [Original.]

Tuesday 01:16 · RT @psnively: It's kind of a shame I'll be dead before software development becomes an engineering discipline. [Original.]

Wednesday 00:38 · So, I impulse-bought a Fuji X-E1 and took it to Tokyo for a couple days and took lots of pictures of which 69 were good enough to keep. [Original.]

Wednesday 00:48 · @charlesarthur Those “One” phones are pretty damn good though. Might not be enough to turn things around, but… really good. [Original, responding to @charlesarthur.]

Wednesday 00:54 · Those of you who’ve dismissed G+ as a ghost town can ignore this, but… damn, does it ever make pictures look good: [Original.]

Wednesday 00:57 · @hipikat You say that like it’s a bad thing. [Original, responding to @hipikat.]

Wednesday 00:58 · @drbrain Holding on for 2.0.π [Original, responding to @drbrain.]

Wednesday 00:59 · @paulanthonywils Can’t possibly be true. <cue offstage hilarity> [Original, responding to @paulanthonywils.]

Wednesday 01:04 · @vambenepe Gotta love “un quartier numérique”… [Original, responding to @vambenepe.]

Wednesday 01:04 · @jjsanderson I didn’t say how many I took :) [Original, responding to @jjsanderson.]

Wednesday 01:17 · Now that's quite a picture: www.shorpy.com/node/14821 [Original.]

Wednesday 13:25 · Ah, the Google IO site is up: [Original.]

Wednesday 14:44 · Decreasing security globally by increasing it locally: [Original.]

Wednesday 15:20 · @isagalaev Not as far as I know. Also my server isn’t in Canada, last time I checked. [Original, responding to @isagalaev.]

Wednesday 15:39 · Neat; nodeJS client for Google APIs: [Original.]

Wednesday 15:50 · @isagalaev I don’t even use Canadian spellings myself :) [Original, responding to @isagalaev.]

Wednesday 19:33 · Thinking that for modern photo-blogging purposes, a good max horizontal dimension is 1440px. Other opinions? @duncan? [Original.]

Thursday 15:34 · Fujifilm X-E1. Tl;dr: It likes pictures of big things, and it’s fun. [Original.]

Thursday 18:56 · @tmaesaka I was in Tokyo this week and I’ve never seen so many masks. And I was sneezing. [Original, responding to @tmaesaka.]

Thursday 21:11 · Hadn’t heard of Superfocus glasses but they look interesting for us middle-aged presbyopics: theonlinephotographer.typepad.com/the_online_photographer/2013/03/the-return.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+typepad%2FZSjz+(The+Online+Photographer) [Original.]

Friday 07:34 · @bloodearnest I don't recommend using it. [Original, responding to @bloodearnest.]

Friday 08:47 · Tokyo photobloggage, with people-heavy pix: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2013/03/07/Tokyo-X-E1-People [Original.]

Friday 08:50 · In the process of posting that last pic, I discovered the #tokyophotography tag on G+… wow! [Original.]

Friday 09:00 · RT @johnsto: The more I think about it, the more I fear that Google Glass will ultimately lead to the demise of all humanity. That said, ... [Original.]

Friday 11:24 · Bunch of deadly YouTubes from @Buck65 - maybe an International Women’s Day thing? [Original, responding to @Buck65.]

Friday 13:45 · A *fascinating* interactive info-graphic; Gender and Wikipedia editing: moebio.com/research/wikipediagender/#popular [Original.]

Friday 16:19 · @joeharris76 @dozba Well, that’s OAuth 1 stuff, to start with. Or am I missing something? [Original, responding to @joeharris76.]

Saturday 09:52 · Next installment of the Fujifilm-X-E1-review/Tokyo-trip series: White cylinders! [Original.]

Saturday 10:03 · @Fuji_X_Pro Also doing a daily Tokyo/X-E1 series. So far, & [Original, responding to @Fuji_X_Pro.]

Saturday 12:46 · Excellent Jon Evans piece on comparative cloud-ology: techcrunch.com/2013/03/09/bring-on-the-platform-wars/ [Original.]

Saturday 13:12 · The X-E1 RAW files are entirely uncompressed, each one is 26146816 bytes, no more no less. Why can’t the world just use DNG already? [Original.]

Saturday 13:16 · @eltiare Hm, good thinking, I should use a filter & convert ’em to DNG on import. [Original, responding to @eltiare.]

Saturday 13:41 · @GeekOnIce Hm, I read that, and a bunch of the comments. Good discussion! Tl;dr: DNG is the worst option except for all the others... [Original, responding to @GeekOnIce.]

Saturday 14:32 · 25.6% compression converting from Fujifilm raw “.RAF” to .DNG. [Original.]

Saturday 18:54 · I gotta say, the World Baseball Classic is some first-rate entertainment. And BTW, Italia is the real deal. [Original.]

Saturday 19:05 · I think @pmharper needs to call @EPN and tell him we still love Mexico, but don’t throw at our hitters. [Original.]

Saturday 19:48 · @juliaferraioli OKC? [Original, responding to @juliaferraioli.]

Sunday 12:42 · The latest from the new-X-E1-in-Tokyo; the Great Gates! www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2013/03/09/Tokyo-X-E1-Gates [Original.]

Sunday 13:01 · RT @OpenJonathan: Personally committed to doing my part. "More research needed to test whether patients can benefit..." t.co/MQ5p ... [Original.]

Sunday 13:13 · A carefully-argued piece about Israel, that's going to get its author in trouble: opinionator.blogs.nytimes.com/2013/03/09/on-questioning-the-jewish-state/ [Original.]

Sunday 14:36 · There are a lot of Canadians of a certain age who smile every time they show Ernie Whitt there in the dugout. #worldbaseballclassic [Original.]

Sunday 14:54 · When Amit Singhal talks, the world ought to listen: www.forbes.com/sites/tomiogeron/2013/03/10/googles-4-biggest-technical-challenges-according-to-search-guru-amit-singhal-sxsw/ [Original.]

Sunday 17:19 · More TokyoFujiPix, this time in artsy B&W: [Original.]

Sunday 21:38 · @robertdall You use that word “litigious”. I do not think it means what you seem to think it means. [Original, responding to @robertdall.]

Sunday 22:22 · @jsnell Or, you could wait for the Turing-machine thingie to produce a 0. [Original, responding to @jsnell.]

Sunday 23:53 · I guess those skipping G+ because it’s an echoing wasteland are not among the 130K following Chris Hadfield: [Original.]

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