The event that took me to Tokyo with a new camera was in Chiyoda, which is to say right next to the Imperial palace. On two successive days, I took the opportunity to go visit; once to Kitanomaru Park, and once to the East Garden itself. Pictures today from the latter.

The history of Japan is full of wars, mostly in a feudal flavor; all these walls and battlements and fortifications weren’t built for decoration. Doesn’t mean they don’t look good. These are the East gates.

East gates of the garden of the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

I confess, this photo had to be fixed up a little. The spring sun on the trees other side of the gate was overpowering, brilliant. Lightroom gives you the tools to fix that, but they’re no good if the file coming out of the camera doesn’t have the raw material. Which in this case was no problem.

I got up close to those doors and discovered that some parts are a lot newer than others.

Imperial Palace gates close-up

I actually had to dial back the blue tint in the new ironwork to make it look like I saw it, and I feel a little guilty about that because I think maybe the camera was right and my memory is wrong.

I kept zooming in to admire the textures of the wood and iron and thought maybe the color was getting in the way.

Imperial Palace gates close-up, monochrome

I think I might blow that up real big and hang it on a wall somewhere.

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March 09, 2013
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