Week ending Sunday 2012/08/19

Wednesday 09:38 · Would totally pay ~$300 for a Nexus 7 with telephony & cellular data. [Original.]

Wednesday 15:37 · Flying into Vancouver, I see the west end of Mitchell Island is cleared & plowed flat. Wonder what's up? [Original.]

Wednesday 16:17 · Software engineering needs consensus on Best Practices in terms of tools and architecture: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/08/11/Software-Axes [Original.]

Wednesday 16:31 · @rafeco Hah, kind of a long haul from my place on Keats Island to Avi’s on Galiano though. [Original, responding to @rafeco.]

Wednesday 16:38 · @segphault Probably there’ll be an aftermarket soon? [Original, responding to @segphault.]

Wednesday 16:49 · @KentBeck Hmm… why don’t you publish a few Best Practices too? Maybe if a few of us do, someone will curate. [Original, responding to @KentBeck.]

Wednesday 16:49 · @avibryant @rafeco Damn good idea, that. [Original, responding to @avibryant.]

Wednesday 20:37 · Dreampeaks: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/08/15/Dreampeaks [Original.]

Thursday 06:39 · @pjb3 No prob, set up a portable WiFi hotspot with the phone. [Original, responding to @pjb3.]

Thursday 06:54 · @importantshock simple literal being different from Unicode string is a bug. [Original, responding to @importantshock.]

Thursday 08:05 · @importantshock Just escapes me how you can have a class of strings that doesn’t need real Unicode support. [Original, responding to @importantshock.]

Thursday 08:06 · @pjb3 Seems like less hassle to me that digging up the right wire. & sometimes I need to balance the phone on the windowsill for signal :) [Original, responding to @pjb3.]

Thursday 08:32 · @pjb3 Have you checked recently? Seems battery cost of tethering is way down in recent devices. [Original, responding to @pjb3.]

Thursday 08:42 · Outstanding piece: The future of App Stores (and the history of video): robotinvader.comhttp/robotinvader.com/blog/?p=217 [Original.]

Thursday 10:18 · Possibly my fave among all the things Google does; Public transit on maps. googleblog.blogspot.com/2012/08/google-maps-now-has-schedules-for-more.html Also: On public transit, you’re online. [Original.]

Thursday 10:26 · @lewellyn Who needs WiFi to be online? [Original, responding to @lewellyn.]

Thursday 10:46 · So, I signed up for @medium. Does that get me anything? Site’s a bit hard to navigate. [Original.]

Thursday 11:45 · @c_pruett I’m actually thinking that letting people build hand-curated stores on top of Play is maybe a not-insane idea. [Original, responding to @c_pruett.]

Thursday 13:37 · Liking this new trend of patent litigators running into badass judges. [Original.]

Thursday 15:01 · @colbycosh Dangerously socialist line of thought, there… [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Thursday 16:21 · Why I follow @ScanBC: Fire on scene ... attempting to rescue a female who is 30ft out into the inlet and stuck up to her waist in mud. [Original.]

Thursday 19:50 · Popular Metaphysics: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/08/16/Popular-Metaphysics [Original.]

Friday 07:47 · “Yep, I’d love to fill in your survey before looking at what I came here looking for.” - nobody, ever [Original.]

Friday 07:53 · @MattWilcox @rossbruniges @sil Don’t agree that OAuth failed. See www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/07/28/Oauth2-dead [Original, responding to @MattWilcox.]

Friday 08:26 · @cascadianow Not unless you have a graphics budget. [Original, responding to @cascadianow.]

Friday 11:09 · @mathie Your query presupposes that there’s something you could do about it. I’m dubious. [Original, responding to @mathie.]

Friday 16:15 · Looks like I’m going back to Devoxx this November: devoxx.com/ [Original.]

Saturday 15:24 · Warning: zombie outbreak at Vancouver Art Gallery [Original.]

Saturday 16:10 · Downtown Vancouver has a Brazilian festival, an Anime convention (thus cosplayers), and a zombie outbreak. Pretty colorful. [Original.]

Saturday 16:16 · @GreatDismal That apply to your books? <snicker> [Original, responding to @GreatDismal.]

Saturday 18:57 · @matthewlaird That would explain all the swords. [Original, responding to @matthewlaird.]

Saturday 18:59 · “to manage one million animals gives me a headache” Uhhhh…. www.nytimes.com/2012/08/19/business/new-wave-of-adept-robots-is-changing-global-industry.html?_r=2&ref=business&pagewanted=all (must-read I think) [Original.]

Saturday 19:14 · What happens when there’s enough money to go around, but not enough work? [Original.]

Saturday 19:15 · @mezzoblue I think of you as trustworthy, but I dunno, you’re looking pretty executroid there. [Original, responding to @mezzoblue.]

Saturday 23:51 · Blogodammerung: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2012/08/18/Blogodammerung [Original.]

Sunday 09:22 · Haters gonna hate. [Original.]

Sunday 16:12 · Ever been to your Google account Authorized Access page? Check it out. Accounts>Security>Authorizing applications and sites [Original.]

Sunday 16:45 · @colbycosh And yet few would call it Tull’s best. [Original, responding to @colbycosh.]

Sunday 22:13 · ZOMG I’ve been invited to branch a branch on Branch. I think that’s what they say. [Original.]

Sunday 22:47 · Thinking Phil Glass or someone should write an opera about Gu Kailai. [Original.]

Sunday 22:49 · I wonder if we’ll ever hear the real story? [Original.]

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