A few days ago, I got on a plane heading just south of west out of Vancouver, in a window seat; the window unscratched and unsmudged, a rarity these days. And then there were clouds low over those Pacific Northwest mountains.

Pacific Northwest mountains in clouds
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Pacific Northwest mountains in clouds
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Pacific Northwest mountains in clouds

I say “Pacific Northwest” because these peaks’ dreams may be American or Canadian, don’t know which.


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From: Bradley (Aug 15 2012, at 21:14)

Either way, they are gorgeous. I love the contrast in the first image, a rich blue sky above the wispy dreamscape.


From: Tony Fisk (Aug 15 2012, at 23:53)

Certainly a mystic scene, but is that cloud, or smoke?


From: Justin Watt (Aug 16 2012, at 09:51)

These are really quite lovely. I also wonder if there isn't some smoke in that mist. I saw something similar flying over the western US during the fires in Colorado a few months ago.

In a related vein, I've recently been taking some "window seat photography" with an old Leica. Thought you might enjoy: http://justinsomnia.org/2012/07/the-golden-age-of-air-travel/


From: Desomniac (Aug 17 2012, at 09:21)

The dreams of these peaks are most certainly Cascadian.


From: Lee (Aug 17 2012, at 16:10)

The bottom picture - especially when blown up (click thru) - looks like a watercolor painting of ocean waves. Awesome.


From: schvin (Aug 17 2012, at 23:03)

very awesome. thank you for sharing.


From: long time reader, first time commenter (Aug 18 2012, at 10:30)

Dude... unreal :)


From: Dave Shea (Aug 20 2012, at 12:47)

I do believe I'd like a print of that third one.


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