Week ending Sunday 2011/02/06

Monday 09:46 · Meego UI cloaks for final runway approach: labs.qt.nokia.com/2011/01/31/well-be-right-back/ [Original.]

Monday 10:04 · Heh, Al J announcer reporting that their cameras were confiscated, in front of their live video feed. Love 'em. [Original.]

Monday 20:27 · They've been saying IPV4 space is running out for years; maybe it really is. www.apnic.net/publications/news/2011/delegation [Original.]

Monday 20:41 · OMG, ESR is now a mobile pundit. My response: Google "lower than vole scrota". Go on, you know you want to. [Original.]

Monday 22:43 · Ahh... Diva trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=6PDM-i7pzeI [Original.]

Monday 23:05 · How many IPV4 addresses are *YOU* using? [Original.]

Monday 23:31 · Satellite imagery of storm threatening Queensland: www.bom.gov.au/gms/IDE00035.201102010530.shtml [Original.]

Monday 23:33 · The satellite-photo animation is even scarier: www.bom.gov.au/products/IDE00902.loop.shtml [Original.]

Tuesday 00:18 · Cultural synthesis: Cheery black gent with a sharp suit and a plummy Brit accent forecasting the Korean weather on Al Jazeera. [Original.]

Tuesday 09:08 · Did I mention that our search guys are kinda obsessive and driven? #snickeringAtTheNews [Original.]

Tuesday 09:12 · @timoreilly The question Invisible Worlds was asking remains unanswered: Why doesn't my browser have an "up" button? [Original, responding to @timoreilly.]

Tuesday 09:23 · Failing to get the App Store news. I expect more developments in this story. [Original.]

Tuesday 12:35 · @danielpunkass Yeah. [Original, responding to @danielpunkass.]

Tuesday 14:01 · RT @tom_enebo: Notice a trend in this Hudson-themed thread? jenkins.361315.n4.nabble.com/Hudson-Dev-The-Future-of-Hudson-td3252583.html [Original.]

Tuesday 14:47 · Baffled by all these companies piling onto Twitter and following people. Social-media-consultant dung? [Original.]

Tuesday 14:54 · RT @counternotions: Q: What do these have in common: XML (fail), Antartica (fail), Atom (fail), Sun (fail) and Android? A: Tim Bray. [Original.]

Tuesday 16:00 · No, nothing special. I often retweet those attacks; entertainment value if nothing else. [Original.]

Tuesday 19:19 · @cbeust Well, let's see what happens, then we'll know whether it was a trend or not. [Original, responding to @cbeust.]

Tuesday 19:20 · Trends are so much easier to see in the rear-view mirror. [Original.]

Tuesday 19:38 · RT @pamelafox: Made a simplified version of the HTML5 playground: html-editor.appspot.com/ [Original.]

Tuesday 20:59 · Hear the Wind Howl: www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5Ee6YFuKuA [Original.]

Tuesday 21:13 · My weekly tweet-persister script blew up because is.gd isn't available for unshortening purposes. Entropy never quits. [Original.]

Tuesday 21:28 · @TrevorBramble www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/08/23/Tweet-Injection [Original, responding to @TrevorBramble.]

Tuesday 22:01 · Damn, Perl is fast. [Original.]

Tuesday 22:05 · @dailyshoot NN www.flickr.com/photos/timbray/5409291509/ #ds443 [Original, responding to @dailyshoot.]

Tuesday 23:49 · @kevinmarks "Tuesday, 4 January 2011"? [Original, responding to @kevinmarks.]

Wednesday 10:22 · The YouTube just isn't coming close to how great that screen looks. #android #honeycomb [Original.]

Wednesday 10:34 · Android Market Web store. A long time coming, and a game-changer. #android #honeycomb [Original.]

Wednesday 10:35 · Aaaaand, there it is: market.android.com/ #android #honeycomb [Original.]

Wednesday 10:35 · @kevinmarks Ask Motorola [Original, responding to @kevinmarks.]

Wednesday 10:37 · @gruber Works fine, I do it all the time. Not visually dramatic though. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Wednesday 10:43 · @lornlab tbray.org has a lot of Perl. See www.tbray.org/ongoing/misc/Colophon Republishing whole thing is astoundingly fast. [Original, responding to @lornlab.]

Wednesday 13:08 · Heh, you can practically watch the G search crawlers working their way through market.android.com. More searches work every hour. [Original.]

Wednesday 14:11 · Hah, new market site has a "Tweet yer app" link. E.g. my LifeSaver 2: market.android.com/details?id=com.textuality.lifesaver2 [Original.]

Wednesday 15:06 · @charlesarthur I think it's not there... they were doing telco and handset deals, and had a by-invitation beta. [Original, responding to @charlesarthur.]

Wednesday 16:07 · The Honeycomb Bookmarks widget is outstanding; really a nice piece of work. [Original.]

Wednesday 16:08 · @spam check @loveless1033 [Original, responding to @loveless1033.]

Wednesday 18:42 · @yusufg Lots of languages coming. Target is (I believe) 40. [Original, responding to @yusufg.]

Wednesday 18:44 · @boris_javert No, it's painful and slow to *read*. [Original, responding to @boris_javert.]

Wednesday 19:55 · @headius Not obvious to me that any langs are more advanced than Ruby, for any sane interpretation of "advanced" [Original, responding to @headius.]

Wednesday 20:09 · Norm (@ndw) takes up the short-form-injection torch. Recommended for anyone who blogs&tweets: norman.walsh.name/2011/02/02/shortform [Original.]

Wednesday 20:13 · Lauren already insists on non-US hosting for all her sites. Thinking a non-US TLD might be smart too: arstechnica.com/tech-policy/news/2011/02/senator-us-domain-name-seizures-alarmingly-unprecedented.ars [Original.]

Wednesday 20:14 · @webmink The ratio of good people to trolls among Wikipedia editors is about the same as in the general public. [Original, responding to @webmink.]

Wednesday 20:16 · @vruz Erlang ftw. [Original, responding to @vruz.]

Wednesday 20:28 · @spam check @ModelType_HLE [Original, responding to @ModelType_HLE.]

Wednesday 20:28 · I always report Twitter spam, FWIW. Seems to work; I never see a spammer twice. [Original.]

Wednesday 20:30 · Android Constructors: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/02/02/The-Android-Team [Original.]

Wednesday 20:55 · Remarkable, ugly, live video on Al Jazeera right now. Al J reporting strong on politics, weak on tactics. [Original.]

Thursday 00:07 · RT @mattcutts: 2 important sites for Egypt: egypt.alive.in/ (translating @speak2tweet audio) and www.google.com/crisisresponse/egypt.html#news (Google resources) [Original.]

Thursday 00:58 · Definitely living in the future tonight [Original.]

Thursday 10:47 · Once again, the Chrome marketing people have more fun than anyone else: www.google.com/chromeos/demolab/ [Original.]

Thursday 11:05 · Sorry, the Internet is full. Please go home. mailman.nanog.org/pipermail/nanog/2011-February/032107.html [Original.]

Thursday 11:37 · @spam check @Twittisist [Original, responding to @Twittisist.]

Thursday 12:04 · More on the end of IPV4: www.ietf.org/mail-archive/web/ietf/current/msg65458.html [Original.]

Thursday 12:08 · @wazaroff Northern Voice, right here in Vancouver, is better than most [Original, responding to @wazaroff.]

Thursday 12:35 · @headius I agree, sigh. But nothing with great concurrency hits the general-purpose sweet spot [Original, responding to @headius.]

Thursday 13:24 · Winamp's Android Market page has an, um, promotional video. Hmm... [Original.]

Thursday 13:57 · Deep dive on a central chunk o' the Honeycomb: the Fragment API android-developers.blogspot.com/2011/02/android-30-fragments-api.html [Original.]

Thursday 14:15 · Any Wikipedians reading this: There seems to be some trouble afoot in my entry. Someone seasoned want to have a look? [Original.]

Thursday 15:46 · @lrz Wondering what kind of machine it'd be a good name for [Original, responding to @lrz.]

Thursday 15:56 · Wondering what, practically speaking, the first symptoms of IPV4 address exhaustion would be? [Original.]

Thursday 17:08 · @davidascher command-L or control-L, TAB does it on basically every mac browser [Original, responding to @davidascher.]

Thursday 17:35 · RT @mwinton: Just discovered that hiybbprqag.com resolves to google.com/jobs. [Original.]

Thursday 20:30 · Like David Eaves (eaves.ca/2011/02/03/why-the-crtc-was-right-on-user-based-billing/) I'm fine with usage-based Internet billing. There are better protections against telco rape. [Original.]

Thursday 20:35 · Missing Googler @ghonim may be a political prisoner? latimesblogs.latimes.com/technology/2011/02/wael-ghonim-google-exec-missing-in-egypt-named-spokesman-for-opposition-group.html Probably good news, on balance. [Original.]

Thursday 22:22 · Wondering about the etymology of "Egypt". Egyptians call their country "Misr". [Original.]

Friday 00:10 · Willing to bet that I'm the only human currently listening to the Ozark Mountain Daredevils on unreleased Android hardware/software [Original.]

Friday 09:17 · #followfriday: twitter.com/timbray/favorites [Original.]

Friday 10:35 · Anyone want to give me a plug for a good Android shop in Chicago? Self-plugs will be ignored. twbray at G [Original.]

Friday 11:12 · OOBX [Original.]

Friday 12:25 · Honeycomb calendar is brilliant [Original.]

Friday 17:11 · RT @pkedrosky: Garth Turner's Vancouver real estate bubble blog is such fun - www.greaterfool.ca/ [Original.]

Friday 20:35 · @nelson Not in that picture, anyhow [Original, responding to @nelson.]

Friday 22:04 · Nice White Stripes retrospective: www.guardian.co.uk/theguardian/2011/feb/05/white-stripes-remembered [Original.]

Saturday 13:53 · How to protect your site from the U.S. government: torrentfreak.com/how-to-stop-domain-names-being-seized-by-the-us-government-110205/ [Original.]

Saturday 17:00 · Now a Packers fan based on egregious moral degeneracy of Steelers QB. I mean... "Piano Man" [Original.]

Saturday 19:54 · @DaveO Yow, and we were just talking about needing to drop by there to pick some exotic drinkables [Original, responding to @DaveO.]

Saturday 19:55 · I don't mind so much when my Mac crashes. It's bringing back all the tabs that hurts. [Original.]

Saturday 20:00 · @gruber I reflexively typed in "weezer.com" and the iconography comes from neither of your suggestions. [Original, responding to @gruber.]

Saturday 21:06 · Naomi Wolf is white-hot: WikiLeaks, Revolution, and the Lost Cojones of American Journalism www.huffingtonpost.com/naomi-wolf/post_1667_b_817553.html [Original.]

Saturday 21:39 · "Twenty reasons why it's kicking off everywhere" Hasty, but rather deep I think www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/newsnight/paulmason/2011/02/twenty_reasons_why_its_kicking.html [Original.]

Saturday 22:23 · I'm such a fun-lovin' guy, tearing it up Saturday night publishing political rants: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/201x/2011/02/04/Moving-Left [Original.]

Sunday 10:37 · I'm on Shaw satellite. Will any of those channels have US Superbowl ads? Failing that, is the game streaming on the Net? [Original.]

Sunday 11:46 · Gender imbalance among Wikipedians; fascinating. www.nytimes.com/2011/01/31/business/media/31link.html?_r=1 This seems very important. [Original.]

Sunday 13:33 · . @marick In fact, John Hempton's blog is generally excellent: brontecapital.blogspot.com/ Especially his stock-fraud exposés. [Original, responding to @marick.]

Sunday 13:35 · Not a Peas fan, but enjoying gleeful SuperBowl reportage from @iamwill [Original, responding to @iamwill.]

Sunday 13:37 · @Sandmonkey Um, you're interesting because of your politics and writing, not your love life. Who cares? [Original, responding to @Sandmonkey.]

Sunday 13:38 · Wondering why people think the fact that they're ignoring the Super Bowl is worth sharing with the world. [Original.]

Sunday 14:21 · Making vegetarian biryani for Super Bowl guests. Never done this before. Internet is full of delicious-sounding recipes. [Original.]

Sunday 23:44 · @mezzoblue Naam [Original, responding to @mezzoblue.]

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