Week ending Sunday 2009/05/17

Monday 14:58 · @ceplm Yes; see bitworking.org/projects/atom/rfc5023.html#listing-collections [Original, responding to @ceplm.]

Monday 18:53 · Benchmarking Oracle on SSD; it's complicated: blogs.sun.com/mrbenchmark/entry/running_your_oracle_database_on [Original.]

Monday 19:38 · Chicago & Vancouver providing some first-rate hockey entertainment this evening. [Original.]

Monday 23:19 · Because you can't do everything in Twitter: Tab Sweep — Tech www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/05/11/Tech-Tab-Sweep [Original.]

Tuesday 0:02 · There are no words for how irritating it is when I'm looking for a piece I know is there somewhere in my own blog, but I can't find it. [Original.]

Tuesday 11:02 · Vodaphone to open APIs including billing. Done right, could be a very big deal: www.betavine.net/bvportal/blog/view.html?blogId=14&postId=ff80808120c43a5b012134159ac129ab [Original.]

Tuesday 11:09 · Juicy inside poop on the Sun acquisition dance: dealbook.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/05/12/suns-deal-saga-and-the-mystery-suitor/ [Original.]

Tuesday 22:16 · #fixreplies Put me on the "Twitter, please hit UNDO" bandwagon. [Original.]

Wednesday 11:18 · Thinking about HTTP status code "202 Accepted" [Original.]

Wednesday 19:23 · Abandoned: Six Flags New Orleans: www.terrastories.com/bearings/abandoned-six-flags-orleans
Spooky. [Original.]

Wednesday 22:51 · Never could program more than about 12 hours in a row without starting to do stupid things. Brain feels like wet Kleenex... [Original.]

Thursday 9:22 · Making the JVM do what it'd rather not: blog.headius.com/2009/05/fork-and-exec-on-jvm-jruby-to-rescue.html [Original.]

Thursday 10:11 · Every month I get enjoyably-exotic Mongolian-apartment-rental spam, e.g.: "2 Bedrooms, 4th floor, 108m², Near Grand Khaan Irish Pub" [Original.]

Thursday 23:24 · As I was driving home they played "War Pigs" on the radio. Must be 20 years since I heard it. Silly, but my goodness, such riffs. [Original.]

Friday 10:02 · Wow, my hometown taking open-ness seriously: eaves.ca/2009/05/14/vancouver-enters-the-age-of-the-open-city/ [Original.]

Friday 10:12 · Would love an excuse to do some more Erlang work: www.37signals.com/svn/posts/1728-nuts-bolts-campfire-loves-erlang [Original.]

Friday 11:59 · @unclebobmartin We manage to make it work in Canada. Lots of messy budget politics every year, but that's what messy politics are for. [Original, responding to @unclebobmartin.]

Friday 13:10 · @unclebobmartin Almost all doctors in Canada are private small businesses. It's a single-payer system, one public-sector insurance co. [Original, responding to @unclebobmartin.]

Friday 16:14 · Apple's so careful about iPhone background apps. But seems a non-issue on Android. Wondering about the back-story. [Original.]

Friday 22:43 · typing numbers into Wolfram Alpha is fun. E.g. 37 [Original.]

Saturday 14:21 · @tmolini I don't think that's compatible with Apple's business strategy. [Original, responding to @tmolini.]

Saturday 14:21 · Springtime Death: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2009/05/16/Springtime-Death [Original.]

Saturday 20:24 · Marlowe the cat is back after 5 days' absence. The magical power of blogging at work... [Original.]

Sunday 11:45 · Biting summary of recent-historical weirdness from @nelson: www.somebits.com/weblog/politics/bush-wont-go-away.html
Hard to believe.. [Original.]

Sunday 18:10 · Listening to Dick Dale's "Tribal Thunder". Surf guitar instrumentals FTW. [Original.]

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