Week ending Sunday 2008/11/02

Monday 0:16 · www.youtube.com/watch?v=1agTt5-attc It's important because it's ordinary. Kashkash is from Gaza. [Original.]

Monday 0:28 · Wow, Tony Hillerman died. I enjoyed those books. [Original.]

Monday 10:34 · Hmm, to check out the new MS cloud thingie, I had to open my first ever .docx (i.e. sorta OOXML) file. Cognitive dissonance. OO.o 3.0 FTW. [Original.]

Monday 10:57 · @monkchips Been reading the docs. That workflow service is a strange new beast; persistent connections plus AtomPub service docs. Hmmm [Original, responding to @monkchips.]

Monday 11:05 · @dsifry Also it makes suspend/resume less reliable. On the other hand, it's already saved once from a roached disk. [Original, responding to @dsifry.]

Monday 11:57 · 2nd-last "Tough Times" piece: Contribute www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/27/Contribute [Original.]

Monday 13:38 · The world has another OpenID provider. In other news, there was a Tuesday in last week. [Original.]

Monday 14:34 · The Shape of the Cloud; why AWS is like Altavista in 1996: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/27/Shape-of-the-Cloud [Original.]

Monday 14:43 · gmail filters about 500 spam/day for me. Fairly typical I assume. There are false positives. I'll never see them. [Original.]

Monday 16:44 · Urgh. Airport Utility can't find the Time Capsule that I'm currently on the net via, so I can't update it. Hmm. [Original.]

Monday 17:20 · Apparently it's impossible to buy a naked G1. Us UnAmericans are out of luck. Grrr. Have the urge to write mobile-platform code. [Original.]

Monday 17:35 · Hmm... there are lots of G1s, allegedly unlocked, for sale on eBay, prices in the $400-$500 range [Original.]

Monday 19:24 · I wonder what proportion of anyone's Twitter followers, on average, are really there? I bet Twitter could measure that. [Original.]

Monday 19:32 · Sitting next to an airport bar in a strangely empty airport and the radio is playing Deep Purple and The Cars. [Original.]

Monday 19:37 · @jimgris Japanese economy must be in big trouble. [Original, responding to @jimgris.]

Monday 23:38 · On blogging in 2008: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/27/On-Blogging [Original.]

Monday 23:44 · @mezzoblue Learn Ruby. [Original, responding to @mezzoblue.]

Tuesday 23:00 · Go network: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/28/Network [Original.]

Wednesday 0:03 · Excerpts from "Essays in Idleness": www.geocities.com/lesliebarclay/EssaysInIdleness.html [Original.]

Thursday 9:44 · I always have to tidy up the dead rodents. It's the Y chromosome, I think. [Original.]

Thursday 9:56 · @glaforge Don't know heuristics by which he chose examples, but I promise there's no conspiracy to ignore Groovy. He meant e.g. not i.e. [Original, responding to @glaforge.]

Thursday 10:45 · Following, looking for my next phone: clonedroidphone.com/ [Original.]

Thursday 14:03 · @webmink: The Sun Model blogs.sun.com/webmink/entry/the_sun_model [Original, responding to @webmink.]

Thursday 14:46 · Damn, that's conclusive: www.nytimes.com/interactive/2008/10/14/opinion/20081014_OPCHART.html [Original.]

Thursday 16:22 · Dull red autumn wind/Sol, so far away, so weak/Phoenix voiceless now. [Original.]

Thursday 16:51 · @DominicJones I could put you in touch with the guy who would know. Send me email & I'll forward [Original, responding to @DominicJones.]

Thursday 17:14 · @dewitt Seems more about SEO than search, right? [Original, responding to @dewitt.]

Thursday 22:04 · Night before Hallowe'en. Sporadic firecrackers. [Original.]

Friday 0:11 · Thwomp the vote: the-minusworld.com/category/thwomp-the-vote/ [Original.]

Friday 0:20 · "you need to know how to build search engine optimization (SEO) best practices into your development processes": en.oreilly.com/found [Original.]

Friday 0:21 · The horror... the horror: www.newscientist.com/gallery/dn15086-more-spookyspace/6 [Original.]

Friday 10:01 · OMG PHP forked: www.suspekt.org/2008/10/31/php-got-forked/ [Original.]

Friday 10:04 · OK, Qwitter is cool. [Original.]

Friday 12:19 · "Note also that you don’t have to use any Microsoft technologies to work with these Azure services." blog.jonudell.net/2008/10/31/uri-xml-http-rest-and-the-azure-services-platform/ [Original.]

Friday 15:03 · Check out Olio, working comparative Web tech testbed: incubator.apache.org/olio/ [Original.]

Friday 15:55 · Holy crap: "sudo gem install ffi" - this is huge for the Ruby ecosystem: blog.headius.com/2008/10/ffi-for-ruby-now-available.html [Original.]

Friday 22:34 · I'll be spending Tuesday evening in an airplane headed to New Orleans; will find out who won when I get off, I suppose. [Original.]

Friday 23:10 · Sunlit Autumnals: www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/10/31/Autumn-Leaves [Original.]

Saturday 1:04 · @codinghorror That full-text search stuff is a fad, never gonna catch on. [Original, responding to @codinghorror.]

Saturday 1:08 · The only serious test of an online music test is searching for Ry Cooder. streamdrag.com/ looks promising. [Original.]

Saturday 1:22 · @d2h Do you read Ursula Le Guin? "Tolk" has special meaning in some books that are important to some people. It means "stone". [Original, responding to @dhh.]

Saturday 1:36 · @antiform Because Ry Cooder is reliably correlated with good non-mainstream taste. [Original, responding to @antiform.]

Saturday 12:21 · Hmph Google blog search feeds now report all appearances of link/keyword in blogrolls. This is a change and not a good one. [Original.]

Sunday 0:40 · @jimgris I have discovered the solution to your problem: Simply erase all those images which aren't really really good. *Poof*! [Original, responding to @jimgris.]

Sunday 12:45 · @cote Ah, I see, Emerson Lake and Palmer on the iPod you mean. [Original, responding to @cote.]

Sunday 12:54 · @olabini As a matter of principle I don't memorize precedence rules. Parentheses FTW. [Original, responding to @olabini.]

Sunday 14:30 · Perf-testing mod-atom. Wondering if being able to soak up 140 AtomPub POSTs/sec is good performance (T2000). Nothing to compare to... [Original.]

Sunday 18:09 · That does it, election's over, Linus endorses Obama: torvalds-family.blogspot.com/2008/11/black-and-white.html [Original.]

Sunday 21:44 · How Fast is Fast? www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2008/11/02/How-Fast-is-Fast [Original.]

Sunday 22:20 · Velvet Revolver on HDNet. Cheesiest cliché-ridden glam-rock imaginable. But damn, they're tight. Gotta love it. Hard rock played fast FTW. [Original.]

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